Monday, April 29, 2019

Happy Monday

This month is flying by.  Justin and I are both very busy at work, I had my first trip of the year (shout out to CapeAir from Billings to Glendive!) and a travel schedule that's getting quite a bit fuller.

A year ago this weekend we were busy starting yard work and prepping for the arrival of Baby #2.
This weekend we started yard work and marveled at our two boys.

We found an great deal on some patio furniture online, so we headed to Lowe's to buy some pots and other accessories to deck out our back patio.
I can't stomach spending anymore on patio furniture while the boys are still so young (and destructive!) but I still want something durable and sturdy.  I hope these fit the bill!  I am planning on picking up some more cushions for them too.

#biggywigs 1st birthday party is a Teddy Bear Picnic (fingers crossed we have nice weather!) so we are trying to get the back yard done before B-Day.

OF COURSE it had to snow on Sunday, so we focused our energy on online shopping as much as we could.  I had no desire to leave the house in the blizzard like conditions.  The remaining guest room items are all on their way, along with the rest of the back patio decor.

We also ordered #biggywigs 1st birthday present.
I fully expect #wiggydiggy to play with it JUST as much!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

#biggywigs - 11 Months

#biggywigs | 11 MONTHS

nicknames |  baby, monkey, nugget, a play on your name

weight |  Our best guess is 26 pounds and about 31 inches.  I personally think you're taller, but we'll find out for sure next month :)

size | Mostly 24 month, you still have a few 18 month pieces that fit. Size 6 diapers solely because you need the girth around your waist.  Size 5 fits better everywhere else.

sleep |  YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!  WOO!!!!!!!!  We finally buckled down and I night weaned you.  Took three days and you've been sleeping 630/645 to 530/545 every night since.  You may cry out if you lose your paci, but otherwise YOU SLEEP!!  You take a morning nap around 9 for about an hour and a half and another nap around 1 for a hour or so.

eats | Everything.  Anything.  You nurse three times a day (530ish, 1130ish and 630ish)  You eat breakfast around 6 with big brother, have a snack around 8 at school, lunch at 11 (I come visit you after to nurse), snack at 3, dinner at 5, and we nurse before sleep.

loves | Exploring!  You want to crawl/stand/cruise everywhere and see everything.   You LOVE books and puzzles. We read everyday and you love turning the pages and discovering them all on your own.  You are so much like your brother in this regard.  You adore him and follow him everywhere.  You LOVE food and eat everything we give you.

You also got your first massive head bruise.  Whomp whomp.  You slipped on the floor while crawling and your forehead broke your fall.  

dislikes | Waiting to eat, not getting to play with big brother, not being held by mama.

firsts |  You said AND signed your first word!!  All Done!  Haha.  You babble all day, but that phrase/word is clear as day.

Momma | I love you Monkey!!  You are such a fun baby, will all of your expressions and sounds.  I love seeing you first thing in the morning, you are all smiles and yells.  You are just so excited to nurse :)  Your cheeks are so kissable that I probably kiss them 1000 times a day and that still isn't enough.  Thank you for finally sleeping through the night.  Mama really needed it.  I can't believe your first birthday is next month!  This year has flown and I can't imagine a life without you.

Daddy |   My big, little 11 month old!  You are motoring around pretty good on your hands and knees and climbing up to standing position whenever possible.  I love how you light up when I come home from work and we see each other while you are in your highchair.  I love your giggles when big brother makes a funny face at you.  You are a curious little boy and can empty a shelf of books in almost one swipe.  I love you so much!

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Five on Friday - It's April!!


Miss me?
Haha.  Kidding.
March is my busiest month at work and I'm always partially brain dead the first week of April while I wrap up final details.  I am SO happy it's the first Friday in April!

This month we have big plans at the house.

Guest Room

We have put some new nightstands and lamps, now we're waiting on the comforter and second sham to arrive.  I had ordered one sham a while back to see if I'd like it, and I can't wait to get the other pieces in!
Justin is going to trim out the windows and floors and we'll hang the window treatments this weekend.

Photos coming soon!!

Paint swatching

In case you haven't heard or remember about our paint fiasco, here's a quick recap

Behr makes THREE paints called Snowfall

1. Snow Fall
2. Snowfall (expired)
3. Snow fall White

Want to know what color white we picked?


Not on purpose.  #1 was the color we purposely chose.  There was one mishap where I realized 5 minutes into painting with a new gallon that the whites weren't matching.  I compared lids and ran back to Home Depot to get a new gallon.  The names were similar but the color codes weren't. I just thought it was a mistake.

But after years of Justin buying gallons here and there, and me buying gallons here and there, we finally saw HOW different the paint was when the new floors went in.
 Some trim is very yellow and it's right next to a bright white, which is right next to a bluish white.

So this month I get to go around the house and test ALL the trim with patches of #1.  I'll paint what I can while the boys are napping, but almost all of the doors will be removed and sprayed this summer.

Thankfully all of the floor trim was done AFTER we found the paint mishap, so that's one less thing for me to paint.


Fireplace Makeover

Our mantle is pretty inefficient at blocking the heat from rising straight up.

 Our clock has become warped from the heat and no longer works.

Target had a 40% off deal and I pick out this mirror for a new aesthetic.

My inspiration:

Master Bedroom Makeover

We spontaneously painted our master bedroom one night when our new carpet was installed.
We were over the green and wanted a more neutral color.

Not the best photo - but you can see the green walls and post to our four post bed.

We looked at the color options that we had (Chic Gray or Sculptors Clay by Behr) and picked Sculptors Clay since it went with our furniture more.  Sculptor's Clay has a more brown base while Chic Gray leans more towards a bluish gray base.

Then, when we put the bed back in, we decided to toss the posts.  No More Four Post Bed!
It opened the room up SO MUCH.

I took the opportunity to sell some pieces of furniture from the set in the guestroom and our room (single nightstand and a chest of drawers)
This table came this week to replace the chest of drawers in our room.  I snagged it when it was on sale for under $100.

Note - while the size and shape is perfect; it's damaged.  Two attempts to get us the right table and I said screw it.  I can paint the corners and it's in our room, so no one will see it.  

We have high hopes we can get our room trimmed this weekend as well.  I can't wait to post updated photos!

Paint Kitchen Ceiling

We repainted the kitchen after new floors were put in.  The original color we picked was
Malted Milk by Behr

It looked like a very light brown when we swatched it.  Haha.

So we used what we had and painted it Chic Gray.  We started to paint the ceiling too, but we quickly realized that white would look better than either color.  So it's been a rainbow of colors for a while now!  Haha.

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