Friday, May 31, 2019

Weekend Recap(s)

The last week of May is flying by and I'm in denial.
#biggywigs is 1 (I'm still in shock over this) and summer is looming.
Though, in the Rocky Mountains, summer may not show up until July.  Maybe August, if at all.  We may just go straight into Fire/Smoke season.  I'll enjoy the 70's for as long as possible.

#biggywigs birthday party was the 18th.  My parents and nephew made the LONG trip north to celebrate our special little boy.
Cousins and Grandpa playing

The theme was Teddy Bear Picnic.  The weather had other plans.  Rainy and 50.  Yuck.
1st birthday parties are the only party where family and friends are invited.  Otherwise we have a small party with friends and dinner with family.  That meant our house was packed full, noisy, and full of love for our little one.

Thankfully the rain had let up for a bit so the kids could run around the yard.  Unfortunately some of the big kids kept opening the gate to run around the front yard......not easily seen by parents or passing cars.  So I bumped up cake/cupcakes ASAP to get everyone inside.

No surprise that the cupcake was devoured.  DEVOURED.

The next morning my parents and nephew headed home from their quick trip north.  I finished cleaning the house and we spent the day at home, listening to the rain, and making plans for our annual Glacier trip over Memorial Day Weekend.

I love being in the Flathead Valley in the Spring.  The rivers and lakes are as full as they'll be all year.  You can see waterfalls on every mountain and everything is so green.

This year is rained most of the time we were there, which is my favorite kind of weather.  With two small kids, we only went into the park on Sunday to hike/walk Trail of the Cedars.  I'm hoping we can do Avalanche Lake next year.  #wiggydiggy needs to be a little better at listening before we head that deep into Bear County.

I also only took one photo.  We all slept in one BIG bed.
Even though we had a pack n play for #biggywigs, he wouldn't sleep unless he was next to us!

Unplugging was the best vacation.

Now.....Welcome June!!

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Friday, May 17, 2019

5 on Friday

Mother Day Recap
The weather was gorgeous (high 70's) so we planted the window boxes and planters.
The boys got me a beautiful initial necklace from Made by Mary.  Justin bought me a rugby top from LL Bean that I've had my eye on.

We spent the entire day just lounging on the back patio and relaxing.
It was perfect.

Birthday Boy!

Justin's Birthday is May 4th.  To celebrate, we went to dinner with some fabulous friends.  The server overheard us talking about his birthday and thoroughly embarrassed him by bringing his dessert out with a candle.
This year I "gave" him a dudes trip to Dallas to watch the Cowboys play the Packers.  His brother and Dad are big Packers fans (👎) and we are big Dallas fans, so it'll be a FUN time for those three.

The boys gave him a JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker.  He had been wanting a speaker for outside and is THRILLED with this one.

The Other Birthday Boy!

#biggywigs turned ONE!
His party is this weekend and my parents are making the long trek today to be here.  I can't wait!!

Justin and I gave him this toy.  It is a HUGE hit with both boys and I can see it being played with for years to come.

We had big plans to set up his Sandbox this weekend, but the 70's deserted us for 50's and rain.  Fingers crossed we can do it next weekend!

Family Photos

Abby from AKuhl Photography took some family photos before the cake smash photos.



Lunchtime nursing officially ended Mother's Day weekend.  Big boy just wasn't interested in nursing after lunch.  I'm giving it a week before I start back at Pilates, and I am SO SO SO excited.  I placed an order on Amazon Wardrobe to try on some new workout clothes.  I've heard good things about Core 10 (an Amazon Brand).  I'll report back :)

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

#biggywigs - 12 months

#biggywigs | 12 Months

nicknames | monkey, baby, a play on your name

weight | Going off of best guess here - 27ish pounds and 32 inches long.  Your one year appointment is next week, so I'll update it then.
Dr's Office says 26 pounds and 30 1/2 inches (you squirmed while getting measured, so I'm guessing you really are over 31")

size | 24 month clothes, size 6 diapers, size 4 or 5 shoes

sleep | Bedtime is about 7.  You wake for an early nurse session around 430/5 and sleep until 630 or so.

eats | You LOVE food!  You still nurse twice a day (morning and night).  Mother's Day weekend you dropped your lunch nursing.

loves | Standing and faux-walking.  Dancing with mama.  Bath time.  Stroller walks.  Playing with big brother.

dislikes | Diaper changes, nose wipes, changing clothes, and not getting the toy you want.

firsts | You just starting teething again two nights ago.  You have 8, so we're working on tooth 9 (and maybe even 10.)  I gave you your first haircut!   

Momma | 1!!  Baby, you're 1!!  I am so amazed at how quickly this year has gone.  I love you SO much, my little mini me.  You are so fun, even though you're very mischievous.  I can tell that you'll keep up on our toes as you grow!  I love you so much.  

Daddy | 

And big brother when he turned one:
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Friday, May 3, 2019

Five on Friday - Life Lately

Easter Recap
It was cold and rainy.  Another year of no Easter Egg Hunts (I seriously hate living this far north when Easter rolls around.) or cute family photos outside of church.  Boo.
The boys (read #wiggydiggy) had fun with their baskets and playing in the church nursery.  I was on nursery duty so I missed service.
This year was a bummer Easter for sure.
Cute photos though :)

More Snow
The weekend after Easter it snowed...again.  Hopefully for the last time for many many months!!

New Vehicle
We've ended up with matching vehicles 😂😂😂
We've been looking for a new vehicle for Justin for years.  He found a Tahoe listed at a local dealership - and it turned out to be his co-worker's wife's Tahoe that she traded in two days earlier!  The price was right, we knew the vehicle (literally, Justin rode in it a few times) and called the dealership to buy it that day.  So now we're twins.

New Room!
#biggywigs moved up to the next room at school.  He's LOVING the new environment and is trying so hard to walk.  I'm still visiting him at lunch, but his first birthday is very quickly approaching, so I think lunch time nursing will be coming to an end very soon.

New Shoes
I tried these on when I was out of town for work and  So comfy and so cute!  Now I just need a big sale to hit so I can snag them.

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