Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lincoln Photo Dump

#wiggydiggy and I flew to Nebraska to spend a week with my bestie and her son.  It. Was. Perfect.

Well.....the weather could have been a bit cooler.  High 90's with 80% humidity for a week was a bit brutal.  We had plans to go the Omaha Zoo (rated #1 in the U.S.A!) but it was too hot for us.  80 degrees by 8 AM!  The Lincoln Children's Zoo was perfect :)  We shopped, swam, ate and napped to our hearts content.

Oh, and we went to a Bieber concert.
Waiting on our plane

Our daily activity!

Sitting like a Big Boy!


Train Ride at the Zoo!

The Oven.  Best Restaurant Ever

Photo Shoot!

It's a good thing we don't have a dog.....

Coffee Date with the sweetest girl!

Heading Home!

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Taking Stock

Making |  List after packing list for my upcoming trip

Cooking | Baked squash and grilled chicken.  Summer grilling is my favorite

Drinking | Lime La Croix.  A little secret - I've reduced my alcoholic drinking.  My tolerance is so low after taking almost 2 years off.  Plus, I love the lack of bloat and calories :)

Reading | Bringing up Bebe   A little light summer read.  Looking for suggestions!

Wanting | This Chambray Shirt dress from J Crew.  But it's sold out :(   Anyone have a dupe to recommend?

Looking |  at the sprinklers in the backyard.

Playing |  Sam Hunt Pandora station

Eating |  Dry roasted almonds from Costco.  My favorites.

Wishing |  Every weekend was three days

Enjoying |  The calm that falls after my baby has gone to sleep.  I miss him though.

Loving |  The warmer weather that has hit Montana hard.

Needing |  An entire day to get caught up on my to-do list

Smelling |  Sunscreen from #wiggydiggy lingering on my clothes

Feeling |  Happy, Content, Excited, Relaxed.

Wearing |  Shorts and a white t-shirt.  My standard outfit in the evenings

Following | a few too many items on Poshmark

Bookmarking |  This necklace on Etsy.  I may just have to gift it to myself :)

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Five on Friday - Random Favorites

Five, completely unrelated, favorites

First up
#wiggydiggy only had bottles (of breast milk) at daycare.  We nursed otherwise.  When he hit 10 months, he was only nursing from me during the day and bottles went to the wayside.  We tried a few other sippy cups, but he wanted to drink like a big boy.  I bought these on a whim and never looked back.  #wiggydiggy has never taken a bottle since.

Currently $9
If you're between sizes, size up.  It'll shrink in the wash.  (so in other words, learn from my mistake!)
Easy, breezy, perfect for summer.

I know, I'm super late to the dry shampoo game.  BUT!!!.....I have never been able to use it before.  My Ph was not compatible.  (What I'm trying to say is I produced oil like it was my J.O.B.)  As I've gotten older, I've noticed a change in my skin/hair/nail and decided to attempt second day hair.  So far, I'm doing pretty good.

I tried every single brand that offered a travel size.  Batiste and TiGi Rockaholic Dry Shampoo are the best.  I prefer the price of Batiste over TiGi.


This oil came with my starter kit and I had no clue what to do with it.

My neighbor told me about using Frankincense in her face lotion to combat wrinkles and fine lines.  Man, SHE'S RIGHT!  I put about 30 drops in my Cetephil bottle, stirred it all up and apply as usual.  The scent is so so faint, but after a week, I can see a difference in the texture of my skin.  Smoother and easier to apply make-up.  I'll keep you posted on more long term results.


Over the past few months I've stopped carrying my big purse and now use a small cross-body.  While we go out and about, I leave the diaper bag in the car.  The only time we really bring it in with us, is when we go out to eat.

But man, I love this bag.  This was Justin's pick and he loves it as much as I do.  It holds EVERYTHING and then some.  This is now my carry-on when we fly.  I wears like a cross-body, is washable and durable.  As an everyday bag, this sucker is probably too big.  Even we we've outgrown the diaper bag stage, this bag will be used often.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bath Addition

Left over wood
Left over stain

Total cost of my favorite project to date? 


Now I can enjoy my root beer float and Netflix in my bubble bath :)

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Coat Closet - A (not so) Quick Flip

Once we decided to start changing the house from Brown to White, I've been anxious to change out our coat closet.

In my mind I could see the white french doors standing bright against our dark dining room table.  However, there were a few (very well meaning) individuals who thought my desire for french doors was *not* a good fit for the space.  I cannot tell you how many times someone tried to talk me into bi-fold doors or sliding closet doors.

But what Mama wants, Mama gets.
And J wanted what would make me happy.  *Swoon*

Turns out, my vision was pretty dang awesome!

Though, in typical WigDiggity fashion, we ran into a snag.  When we ordered the doors, we were not anticipating a two week wait.  No big deal, we could live with the space being open for two weeks.  PIECE OF CAKE.   Haha.  The doors arrived with a manufacturing defect (primer was bubbling off the door) and Home Depot recommended that we wait for a new set to arrive.

Demo took 5 minutes

Well, dang.  We planned on having the doors done before #wiggydiggy's birthday party.  Now the new doors wouldn't be in until the following week.  Darn it.

Like the snowflakes over the closet?  Haha

When the finished product arrived we set up a painting station in the family room and I got down to business.  The next night they were hung and J put the knobs on in record time.

Finished Product looking mighty fine!
Even better than I imagined.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

#Wiggydiggy - 18 Months

#wiggydiggy | 18 Months

They say 'The Days are Long but the Years are Short"  I disagree.  The Days are Short and the Years are Short.  I wish I could turn back the clock one year and live it all over again.

nicknames | bug, buggy, love bug, 

weight | 24 pounds   31 3/4 inches tall.  

size | 18 month- 24 month clothes and size 4 shoes.  Size 3 diapers (but size 4 are coming in the mail this week.)

sleep | You like your bedtime at 745/8 and you wake between 6 and 630 for breakfast.  You are taking 1 or 2 naps a day totaling 3 hours.  If you get the full 3 hours in the AM, you are good to go until bedtime.
Showing me you can "nigh-nigh"

eats |  All kinds of food!  Somedays you'll eat blueberries hand over fist.  The next day you'll refuse them.  But all in all, you'll eat what is in front of you at meal time.  You (sometimes) drink milk at daycare now!

loves | Being adventurous (climbing, jumping, swinging, etc)  Playing outside, rocking in your rocking chair, and hide and seek.

dislikes | Not getting to go outside, getting your nose wiped, waiting on food and drinking milk.

firsts | I don't think I've documented it anywhere - but walking backwards, spinning, climbing stairs without assistance all happened within the last few months.  You try to put your clothes on and love it when you get your feet in your shoes on your own.  Your vocabulary is booming as is your sign language.  You're just growing and developing right on track :)
Pretend 'brushing your teeth"

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

A January Sledding Adventure

Back in January we found a sled a Home Depot for under $5.  We couldn't pass it up, so we took it straight home and hit the streets for a little sledding.

He refused to sit up!  I tried to catch him with his mouth open and tongue out.

He flipped over and tried to eat the snow!  Oh, those belly laughs are the best.

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