Friday, July 26, 2019

Five on Friday - How I live out of a Carry-On

I've discussed it before, but traveling often for work have made me very adept at packing smart, not hard.

Separate Travel Toiletries

I headed to TJ Maxx a few years ago and bought some back-up supplies and a bag (similar) to hold them in.
My carry on has its own brush, shower cap, personal pillow case, night mask, and travel hair dryer.

I have another bag (I really love bags in bags....if you can't tell) that I put my products in.  I buy two of everything so I'm never unpacking when I get home.
Think - dry shampoo, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, face lotion, contact case and solution.  All I have to do is toss in my make-up bag and curling wand , and I'm good to go.
(again with the bags in bags!)

For air travel, I make sure I can purchase specific items at a local CVS/Target/Ulta etc at my destination.  (Travel size dry shampoo, contact solution, etc)  It saves space in my liquid bag and I normally use them up before coming home, so I don't have to pack them again!


I finally bought into the hype and I regret not doing it sooner.

I packed for 6 days in Chicago in a carry-on.  Including workout clothes, an extra outfit and school materials.
I STILL had room.
So I went shopping and filled it up! hahaha

For regular travel I have a bag specifically for workout clothes, another for pajamas/intimates, and the third for all other clothes.  Then I throw in an empty bag for dirty clothes.  It's easy to pull one bag out, wash everything up and repack my carry-on.

Travel Purse

Once again, TJMaxx for the win!
I found their Jet Set Travel Tote on clearance (the camel color) the same day I caved on packing cubes.  I couldn't believe the price and grabbed it before anyone else did.  I love that it's structured and easy to clean!  My old MK has seen better days (the handles are shredding) so I was in need of an upgrade.  It's large enough for my laptop and tablet and easy to carry.


Once again, bags in bags!  haha.

My cord bag has a phone charger, Anker charger, tablet charger, and wall adapter.  My watch charger is the only one that I have to take out when I get home.  I should look at getting a second watch charger...

I also have a 3 outlet extension cord and a USB Charging Station.  <-- bed.="" close="" desk="" don="" enough="" have="" here="" hotels="" is="" just="" mvp.="" nbsp="" ones="" or="" outlets="" p="" real="" right="" some="" t="" the="" this="" to="">

A Personal Uniform

I stick to a uniform when I travel for work.  It makes it easy to coordinate my outfits and plan for re-wears.

I'm either in business dress in a conference center, or in my jeans in the field.  Either way, the fewer items I have to pack, the better.

What are your travel must haves?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


I fell in love.

Now I CANNOT wait to go back in November.

Chicago, you are wonderful.

I treated myself to the Architecture Boat Tour after my exam Thursday.  I timed it out perfectly and the sun was setting during the ride.

#wiggydiggy wanted a picture of a buoy 

These homes look so cute!

My once a month glass of wine.

Had to get a tourist shot of the bean!  haha.

Class was wonderful, the weather was perfect (I left the day the heat wave hit. Woof.  It was HUMID that day) and I had a blast walking all over the Loop.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Five on Friday - Let's Catch Up

Wow is time flying!  I didn't realize it had been so long since I've updated you on our goings-on.

End of June

A deer was in our yard one morning.  Took us ALL by surprise.  Especially considering how close we are the interstate and in a non-usual habitat for them.

The weather was cool (70's and occasional rain) so we took multiple walks around the neighborhood every night before bed.

Also, LOTS of picnics on our patio :)

4th of July

Thursday morning, Justin headed off to golf and I took the boys downtown.  The City celebration didn't start until 10, so I made sure we got to the park at 9.  #wiggydiggy was able to play at the playground before it got crowded, go on the bouncy slide by himself (and without paying!) because we were so early.  The staffers had the best time watching his antics before the chaos started.  They were so nice to let him in free of charge and bounce as long as he wanted.  Our last stop was the Hospital's booth with their learning ambulance.  We scooted out of there right after 10 and missed the crowds!  Perfect morning.

Some friends came over for dinner.  The kids set off their small fireworks and #biggywigs headed to bed.  For the first year, #wiggydiggy actually wanted to stay up and watch the big fireworks! (read: our neighbors setting off their own)  He had the best time and very politely told Dad "I'm done" when he wanted to go to bed.

Weekend Trips

We drove up to Lincoln, MT one Saturday to visit the Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture in the Wild.  It was the first hot day of the summer, so when we got home we filled up the pool and stayed on the porch until dinner time.

House Projects

Projects have slowed down considerably since the floors were done.  We still have the Master Bathroom, repainting of trim work/doors, last of the windows, and kitchen counter tops to do.   Our new front storm door has been ordered and will arrive in another week or two!  I'm hoping we can get the painting done in August so we have have a quiet fall.
I originally did NOT want a line in the middle of my door, but after using the retractable screen on our back door, I LOVED the ease of opening and closing it.  We went with the same color as our windows (Bronze) with a Modern Brushed Nickle handle. 

Work Trips

It's time for me to get back on the road.
Much to the chagrin of my husband.

And of course I start it off with a bang - 5 days in a classroom in Chicago.

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