Thursday, May 31, 2018


I knew that I wanted #wiggydiggy to be the first to meet the baby.
He was so excited for his sibling to be born and I was so excited for him to be a big brother.

So we kept the baby's sex and name quiet until #wiggydiggy was able to come to the hospital.
That afternoon, Justin picked up #wiggydiggy after his nap from school and brought him to meet his new sibling.

I was a tiny bit nervous because #wiggydiggy had been asking for a baby sister for months.  Justin was too, so they talked about the new baby brother on the drive up.
I think #wiggydiggy was so excited to see his mom and dad, that he didn't care if it was a brother or sister!

He has been obsessed with his baby brother ever since.
Every day he asks to hold him 100 times.
He gives him 100 kisses and calls him 'My Sweetheart'.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

BiggyWigs Birth Story

It was no secret that I was more than ready for #BabyWigs (now #BiggyWigs) to arrive.  After being told for many weeks that I wouldn't make it to 40 weeks, my patience was at the breaking point come D-Day, May 14th.  That morning I had my 40 week appointment.  I hadn't slept well due to intermittent contractions and the thought that I would be waking up on my due date.  To say I was a bit disappointed would be an understatement.  I was more than ready to meet my baby!

My doctor is amazing.  Just the absolute best.  She was shocked I was in her office still pregnant so she offered to strip my membranes to help get things moving.

Oh boy, did they.

I left her office and had contractions every five to seven minutes until I left work at 3 PM.
They weren't unbearable, but I didn't have high hopes that they were going to progress.  In the weeks previous, my contractions would always dissipate by bedtime.  Thinking they wouldn't turn into anything, I picked up #wiggydiggy from school and we took the car to the car wash.  Lil man LOVED the special treat and I had to focus on breathing through contractions.  I was making progress!

Justin was golfing in a charity tournament across town.  We had discussed how I would let him know it was 'go time' that morning but I just couldn't bring myself to send him the '911 Labor' text.  Instead he ended up texting me about 4 PM to let me know they were on the last hole.  I let him know I had been having contractions all day and that he needed to come home as soon as he was done.  As fate would have it, I had a BIG contraction right around 5.  I sent Justin a text saying - COME HOME ASAP.  2 minutes later he called and said he got the text just as he was getting into his car!  All while this was going on, I was making sure #wiggdiggy had dinner, was occupied playing outside and prepping for my Mother in Law's arrival.  She would stay with #wiggydiggy while we were at the hospital.

Both she and Justin arrived home at the same time.  I sent Justin to take a quick shower and I did the MOST logical thing and loaded the dishwasher, wiped all the counters down, and sorted the dirty clothes.

Once Justin was showered and ready we gave #wiggydiggy lots and lots of hugs and kisses and started to leave.  While in the garage I heard him through the door scream and cry to give his Mama one more kiss.  I went back and held my baby for the last time.  A few more kisses and he was ok to go play with his Nana.

The entire drive to the hospital I only had one contraction.  I felt like the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf'.  I even asked Justin to turn around and go home - it had to be false labor.  He suggested we at least get checked out.  I was at 3cm that morning at my drs appointment, so surely I had made more progress.  After admitting paperwork, we went to triage and progress had been made...but barely - I was at 4 cm.  Contractions were also coming every 3 minutes and getting stronger.  We stayed in triage for an hour for monitoring when the nurse came back and said we were being admitted, but we could walk around the halls until my room was ready.  Walking made the pain 10 times worse.
(Wasn't until the following morning we figured out why)
Once we got in our room I was begging for an epidural.  Contractions were intensifying and I was barely getting a break between them.  According to the nurse I was 8 cm.


The silver lining to arriving at the hospital after business hours is that labs and ordering an epidural go super fast.  Shortly after the epidural was administered (which I never felt a thing.  God bless.) my doctor arrived.  She disagreed with the nurse and said I was only 5 cm.
Major disappointment.
It was about 9 PM and everyone guessed baby would be here by midnight.  So we took the opportunity of me being pain free to grab some shut eye.  Unfortunately I never progressed through the night.  My contractions stayed intense and coming every two minutes.  Thanks to my epidural I slept most of the night.  But by 5:30AM, the nurses and my doctor were baffled by my lack of dilation with the contractions I was having.
So they broke my water.


To spare you the gory details - the average woman has 1 quart of amniotic fluid.  My doctor estimated I had closer to 3 quarts.  My stomach visibly got smaller (and holy moly did it feel better!) and I continued to gush fluid with each contraction.  I also progressed steadily at that point.

6 AM water broke
630 AM - 6 cm
715 AM - 7 cm
740 AM - 8 cm
830 AM - 10 cm
11 minutes of pushing and here HE was!


I wish I had taken a photo of Justin's face when he saw our baby.  Pure joy.
After he was born my doctor said she wished she had broken my water the night before.  Hindsight is 20/20.  I never had any signs of excess amniotic fluid.  I was measuring right on track and had even gained the same amount of weight that I did with #wiggydiggy.  The excess fluid did explain why my contractions got worse when I was walking (gravity brought baby down).  My doctor also noticed my placenta felt heavy.  We all looked at that amazing organ and then the nurse took it to be weighed.  2 pounds!!  The average placenta is 1 1/2 pounds!  No wonder I felt like an over stretched balloon!!
(also, special note here - no tears!  I still have no clue how that happened)

#BiggyWigs latched right on and nursed for just over 2 hours.
Then we got our 3rd shock of the day.
He weighed 9 pounds 4 oz.
Needless to say, my stomach felt amazing after giving birth!

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It's a Boy!

I'm sure you've noticed the mini hiatus from the blog the past two weeks. :)
#babywigs arrived May 15th at 8:43 AM
9 pounds 4 oz (yes, we were ALL shocked)
20 3/4 inches
He's perfect.
We are so in love.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Maternity Pictures 2018

 God Bless LC Photography

Lyndsey did a bang up job in under 30 mintues!
None of us were really in the mood for photos, but I knew that I really wanted this moment in time captured.

I wore the same dress and shoes I wore in #wiggydiggy's photos.
Pretty sure Justin wore the same suit coat.

Our favorites:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

 Mother's Day was very low-key this year.

Friday was Muffins with Mom at #wiggydiggy's school.
Man I love that kid.

Side note - a good eye cream?  I need some great suggestions.

We never planned to be pregnant this long!  Haha.
I was treated to breakfast in bed after getting to 'sleep in'.

Really - I had to go out to the couch around 2 AM because of contractions/back pain. I couldn't fall back asleep until 5 AM so Justin was kind enough to encourage me to move back to our bed around 630 and sleep until I woke up :)

#wiggydiggy even signed his card!!
I'll treasure that one forever.

I took an extra long shower.
Hot water > Back pain

Then we went for coffee and walked laps around Home Depot.
The weather has been swinging back and forth and we've delayed planting anything in the pots.  I did decide on what I want to put in the window boxes and planters on Sunday.
Fingers crossed this baby arrives this week so I can spend next week planting in between nursing sessions :)

Then I took a three hour nap and the rest of the day was just lazy.
Exactly how I wanted it.

I HAVE to mention my gift this year.
Well......I got another vacuum for Mother's Day!

I've been on the fence wanting a Roomba (or something similar) for the past year or so.
Justin bit the bullet for me and this beauty arrives today!

I still use my stick vacuum almost daily and I can't wait to have this sucker run every single day after we leave for work.  I *may* be a little excited ;).

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 14, 2018

40 Weeks!

  How far along:  40 Weeks
It's eviction week!  Baby is scheduled to be born by the 21st (at the absolute latest)  Prayers we go into labor before then

Baby size:  6-8 pounds and 19-21 inches long.

Baby's progress:  Ready to be born!

Weight gain:  25 pounds
I weigh the same as I did when #wiggydiggy was born.  Hallelujah!

Stretch marks:  None!  I give tons of credit to some good genes (thanks mom) and my Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.  I can't live without that stuff.

Sleep: Rough.  Lots of potty breaks and lot of contractions.

Gender: Not much longer until we find out!!

Movement:  Slowing down as they are running out of room.

Best moment this week: Mother's Day :)  Breakfast in bed, 3 hour nap, lots and lots and lots of walking laps around Costco and Home Depot with no complaints from my guys!

Looking forward to:  This baby arriving!

Food cravings:  Nothing.  Nothing sounds good, I have no appetite and my poor stomach is just smooshed.

Belly Button - In or Out:  Out/flat

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eating too much.

Wedding Rings - On or Off:  I'm wearing my 'boat ring' pretty much all the time.

Labor signs: Oh yeah.  Contractions daily.  At my appt today I'm 3 cm dialated!  Woo.

What I miss:  Being able to move quickly.  Jeans that zip and button.  WINE

Symptoms: Baby's head is engaged so I have lots of pelvic/nerve pain.

Workouts: Lots of walking.

Things that suck:  Knowing that labor can start anyday, but also knowing that I have NO CLUE when that day is.  I'm so ready to meet this lil nugget!

Things that don't suck:  Feeling the baby move.  This is the last time I'll ever carry a baby under my heart.  I'm treasuring each moment.

Please note his winter gloves, rain boots, and back pack.  He was preparing to go 'On an Adventure!'

Friday, May 11, 2018

5 on Friday

 Photo Dump Edition!

I'm still pregnant.  Honestly, we all thought I'd go early again, so I'm taking advantage of delaying maternity leave and cramming as much in as I can this week!
Today is Muffins with Mom at #wiggydiggy's school and I'm busy walking laps to try and make some baby progress.

Here's our last week in photo form.

My Frozen Yogurt Date

Playground time after the Farmers Market

Birthday Party Fun!

First Thunderstorm of the Season

Morning Waves

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Day in the Life..

 Before this stage of our life comes to an end, I wanted to document what our days looked like.  I love this little diary of ours and I find myself looking back at the previous years every once in a while.

Good Morning
My alarm time depends on if I'm washing my hair or not.
Wash mornings, I'm up around 6 AM.  I like to take some extra time to eat breakfast alone on these mornings.
Other mornings I'm up about 6:30.

The boys stay in bed until about 7.  Half the time #wiggydiggy ends up with us sometime between 3 AM and 6 AM.  Justin's a pushover and always brings him to our bed instead of getting him back to sleep in his big boy bed!  Ha

#wiggydiggy always asks for two applesauce's before he's even awake enough to get out of bed.
It is so dang cute.

The Day
I head out the door first - between 720 and 730 AM
Most mornings I try to squeeze in time to get a coffee :)

Justin drops off Lil Man at school around 8.

I work until lunch and then I either run errands or go home to finish up some chores.
Today I'll stop at CVS for contact solution and mouth wash, then go home to finish loading the dishwasher and put dinner in the crockpot.

Really, the only silver lining about living here is how close home and work are.

I finish up work around 4 and head out to pick up the boy from school.
This is seriously the best part of my day.  I love how EXCITED he is to see me when I get there.

The Evening
We love routine at our house.  It's what makes our world go round.
We get home and #wiggydiggy puts his shoes away and hangs up his jacket.  I'll go and change while he starts playing.  Sometimes he gets a short show while I finish up dinner.
Justin usually gets home around 5:
15 and we sit down to eat.
After dinner we head to the bath.  Justin tends to change, clean up dinner and unwind while lil man splashes in the tub.

We like to play as a family in the living room until we read stories at 730 ish.  Bedtime is 8.
But lately we've been sitting on the couch watching some of #wiggydiggy's shows before story time. (thank you pregnancy exhaustion)
While Justin reads stories, I do my prep for the morning.
I always lay out my clothes the night before.  It makes my mornings go so much smoother.
Then it's time to wash my face, dry shampoo my hair and crawl into bed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

39 Weeks

 How far along:  39 Weeks
I'm officially the most pregnant I've ever been!  #wiggydiggy was born at 39 weeks exactly, so I'm MORE than ready to welcome #babywigs!!

Baby size:  6-8 pounds and 19-21 inches long.

Baby's progress:  Just putting on some weight and waiting to make their arrival.

Weight gain:  25 pounds

Stretch marks:  None!  Hallelujah!

Sleep: Rough.  Lots of potty breaks.  Braxton Hicks all night long that prevent me from getting into a deep sleep.

Gender: Not much longer until we find out!!

Movement:  All the time.  BIG movement that everyone can see.

Best moment this week: TWO naps on Sunday!  Plus breakfast in bed AND an ice cream date with my lil man.

Looking forward to:  This baby arriving!

Food cravings:  Food in general.  I'm hungry but can't eat much before I'm full.

Belly Button - In or Out:  Out/flat

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eating too much.

Wedding Rings - On or Off:  I'm wearing my 'boat ring' pretty much all the time.

Labor signs: 1-2 painful contractions every day.  Braxton Hick all day.  

What I miss:  Having abs!  Haha.  Getting in and out of bed requires a step stool.

Symptoms: 1 cm dilated, Contractions, pelvic 'lightening', a big belly.

Workouts: Lots of walking.

Things that suck:  Knowing that labor can start anyday, but also knowing that I have NO CLUE when that day is.  I'm so ready to meet this lil nugget!

Things that don't suck:  Feeling the baby move.  This is the last time I'll ever carry a baby under my heart.  I'm treasuring each moment.

#wiggydiggy at 39 weeks

Friday, May 4, 2018

5 on Friday - Birthday Boy!

 It's our favorite guys Birthday today!
We have big plans to celebrate at home tonight with some pizza and blueberry pie (birthday boy's request).  Sadly, I wasn't able to give him the ultimate birthday gift - a brand new baby.
But soon!!

Such a hardworker

Always making us Laugh!

One Dedicated Daddy

Our Adventure Creator

Our Very Best Friend

We love you so much Justin!