Tuesday, May 17, 2016

West Yellowstone Getaway

With a long weekend staring us down back in February, J and I were itching to take a drive out of town.  I picked Yellowstone National Park as a destination, though we had to settle for West Yellowstone, MT since the park is closed in winter.  But settle isn't the best word; West Yellowstone is full of charm and activities.

We ate, played and shopped our way through town and enjoyed the four feet of snow.  If you ever make it to West Yellowstone, I cannot recommend the Discovery Center enough.  Seeing bears, wolves, and  birds of prey up close completely enthralled #wiggydiggy.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Mother's Day Recap

Low-key with naps.  That's pretty much Mother's Day in a nutshell!

Haha, no, really.  Saturday was relaxing at home, planting the retaining wall (pictures to come!), and regular chores.  However, we did put on some fancy clothes and head to Wine Crush, WITH dinner before!

WOO!  Date night!!

Dinner was bust...we were not fans of the new restaurant.  (Thank goodness for gift cards)  Not a photo was taken from 4 PM on.

Copious amounts of wine were drank.

Okay, really I had three, maybe four.  But that's copious amounts for me!

Sunday was church, home to nap, lunch, nap again, and dinner :)

Oh, and we can't forget a run or two to Home Depot!

P.S.  I love my Mother's Day gift.  It was exactly what I asked for.  Yes, I asked for a vacuum, and I have used it every day since I took it out of the box.  (insert heart eye imoji here)

I hated nothing more than pulling our full sized Dyson out of the closet after every meal to vacuum around #wiggydiggy's chair.  I still vacuum the whole house weekly, but the stick lets me hit up the small messes quickly!  I also love how small the base is, it fits under everything!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10 on Tuesday

Linking up with September Farm

This is the first WHOLE week I'm not traveling since March 1st, and the only week I'll be home all 7 days until September or October.  So, with that being said, let's kick this off!

My 10 Things That Drive Me Crazy

Interstate drivers who don't stick to the right lane.  If I need to pass you, why do you make me do it on the RIGHT.  It's the freaking law people:

Prices of hotels during the summer months in MT.  Yes, I get it's tourist season, but UGH.  Finding a hotel that fits our per diem in July and August sometimes doesn't happen.

Burnt coffee.  I agree with Karli on this one.  If I'm going to pay $4 for a latte, you can at least make sure it's made correctly!

WHY DO THEY COST AS MUCH AS MINE?!  He'll wear them for a few months, tops, and then outgrown them.  Kids clothes are way cheaper than adults, why not shoes?

Farmers Market vendors selling produce with grocery store stickers on them, for more than you'd pay at the grocery store.
I should have paid more attention to them when buying them, so half the blame is on me, but really guys?

The 'In-Between' hair growth stage.
I'm not quite ready to go short, but I wanted less length.  So now I'm in the lovely stage of awkward mom hair with a capital M.

The constant need of everyone to tell me to 'Be Careful Out There' when I'm traveling.
um....pretty sure you don't tell that to men.  I watch my back and don't put myself in iffy situations.  I'm smart.  You be careful.

Cost of plane tickets out of Montana
Just google them.  It's shameful.  I miss Nebraska more and more.


Using a communal company car and taking the time to clean it up (standard wash, vacuum, dust the dash, etc) only to get back in it a week later to spilt popcorn and empty to-go cups.....that AREN'T mine.

People who drive through parking spaces in parking lots.  I know, this is totally my pet peeve, but nothing irks me more than watching people drive through parked cars or empty parking spaces, just to cut through a parking lot.  Take the 20 extra seconds and drive in the marked lanes!  Let's avoid unnecessary accidents people.

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