Friday, February 6, 2015

What's in my Bag

I'm a big fan of Hannah at Gokie Notes and I thought I'd follow her lead by joining up with the Lily Jade Giveaway link-up.   I love seeing what other women carry in their purses (it's my version of reality TV since I don't watch reality TV)  Also, every Friday I change out his extra clothes so it was the perfect time to snap a few pictures :)

My purse is a Brahmin bag that doubles as my diaper bag.  It was a gift from my mom and I LOVE it. #wiggydiggy has a diaper bag that will go with him to daycare or with J when they are out and about.  I wanted a purse that would be big enough to double as both yet stand up to the test of time as well as stay looking classic.

Teal bag - diaper essentials (wet bag, multiple diapers, lots of tissues).  From Etsy Shop BABCIM
Wipe bag
Sophie teether
Change of clothes
Blanket that double as nursing cover
Coach wallet
Check book
two Visa gift cards (last of my birthday gifts!)
two hair ties
Bare Minerals pressed shine powder
Hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works
Cover Girl lip stain
Mary Kay lip gloss
Sephora lip stick
Maybelline mascara
plastic bag with extra links from my watch (I just put it in my jewelry case)

Not shown - my iphone and keys

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  1. Your bag is so much more organized than mine! I need an insert to keep all the small things together so I'm not constantly digging around - maybe now I finally have a reason to! :)

    1. I'm sure as Jonathan gets older it will be a little more crowded in my purse :). I'll have to find the etsy shop I found the insert at and update my blog with the link! I love my insert.