Monday, July 16, 2018

#biggywigs - 2 Months

#biggywigs | 2 MONTHS

nicknames | Big Boy, Monkey, Baby

weight | 
17 pounds and 24 1/2 inches.

size |  The day you turned one month old we moved you to size 2 diapers.  We are just about out and you are randomly getting put into size 3 (already?!).

You are mostly in 6-9 month clothes.  Depending on the brand you can go up to 12 month.  You have that long torso that mommy and #wiggydiggy are blessed with.

sleep | You don't do anything gradually.  One day you slept every 4 hours starting at 8 PM.  The next night - 6 hours!  Right now you go down at 8 and sleep until about 2 or 3.  You 'dream nurse' and sleep until 530.  Eat again and you're down until 730.  During the day your naps are about an hour long expect for one two hour nap around lunch time.

eats | 
You LOVE nursing.  You eat about every two hours until 'dinner time',  which is 430.  Then it's hourly until 730,

loves |  Being held, stroller walks, the minute a dry diaper is one and a full belly

dislikes | 
waiting to nurse, being overtired.  And most of all - your car seat.  BOO.  If you're awake, it's the last place you want to be.

firsts |  being babysat by Nana (you slept the whole hour while Mom got a pedicure ), bath, real smile, and holding/squeezing toys
hahaha.  This face kills me.

Momma | I was all gung ho about getting you on a schedule, and then I just said screw it and let you dictate the flow.  We'll have time when we get back from vacation :)
Still shower everyday and brush my teeth  - I have no clue why these are "A BIG DEAL" to other moms, but hey, you must like your mom clean!  Haha.  Recovery from baby #2 was physically harder the first two weeks and now that I'm two months post partum, I realize my body just won't bounce back.  I'm about 5 pounds away from my starting weight and I have a lovely tummy pouch that needs work.  I've been doing 8 minute arm workouts everyday so I think it's time to focus on my abs.

Daddy | Daddy has been focused on #wiggydiggy so that we can have that special time I had the first three months with him.  Your brother LOVES you to the moon and back and adjusted to being a big brother without a bump.  Your dad loves to lay with you before bed and give you a kiss every time he walks by.  

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