Friday, September 15, 2017

Five on Friday - Fall!

I have a cold :(
We had a change in the weather (!!!) and I'm suffering with boxes of kleenex.

Last week I told you we were praying for snow - this week we have snow!

Yes.  That's right.  In the high elevations, snow is falling.  Down here in the valley it's in the 40's and has been raining for two days.  Hallelujah!!
I hope this means forest fire season is over.

With a 40 degree temperature drop, it brings out all the fall clothes.
I picked up these awesome rain boots from Zulily last spring:
You can find them here.  I normally wear a 7 1/2 but I ordered a 7 in these.  They fit perfectly.
And I loved the Zulily price vs. Hunter boots.
I wore them yesterday while I was doing field work and they were perfect.   My feet were warm all day and they cleaned up in a snap!

(I'm also wearing them today.  #outfitrepeater)


I am SO LATE to the Ipsy game and I totally regret it.
(thank you Joslyn.  You always know the best stuff)

$10 a month for beauty products that are curated for ME?!  Uh, YEAH!
I answered the quiz honestly and I was floored at my first bag - all items I'm totally interested in!
Mascara, face masks, lipstick.

I think I'll spend less on makeup with this subscription.
$10 a month is less than I'm spending now just to refill my usual items!


I make this on repeat all fall and winter and it has yet to fail me.

I do need to pick up a real cast iron dutch oven, but my ceramic one has been working just fine.

Gift Giving Season

Taking suggestions of great gifts for a 3 year old boy!

We are currently thinking about the Kids Kindle Fire with some headphones as his BIG gift from us, but we have Birthday AND Christmas in December.

Any great toys your kiddo's loved at 3?


Friday, September 8, 2017

5 on Friday

Four day work weeks are both a blessing and a curse.
I'm ready for the weekend!

House projects Update

Toy room - check
New doors - check
Current project?

We won't be caulking most of the baseboard trim because of new flooring, but YAY, we've finally hit a "finishing" step!

Lipsense Knock-Off

I found an awesome and long-lasting lipstick a few months ago and I'm hooked.  It's the only thing I wear now!

Please excuse the office photos.  #yikes

I love Infinite Petal 080.  That's the color I'm wearing.  It's a natural shade that I can wear every day and goes with everything.

I apply in the morning - ONE COAT!  I use the gloss it comes with throughout the day and I'm scrubbing it off at night when I wash my face.  It comes off pretty easily with my coconut oil and wash cloth.


The Forest Fires

We are praying for snow.


3 1/2 months to go!  Any suggestion on great places to eat at in Kauai?

New Jeans

I'm on the hunt for some great slim fit boyfriend jeans.  Do you have any favorites?
I've read great reviews about Current/Elliot but that price tag, ouch!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

#wiggydiggy and I lucked out with a 4 day weekend!

Friday was boring errands.  Grocery store, Costco, Wal-Mart, gassing up the car, and getting coffee.

Saturday we met a friend at the Farmers Market for a little while.
The smoke was 'moderate' so we took advantage to run around outside.

Sunday we headed to Home Depot to pick up a new screen door and some miscellaneous house project items.  Then #wiggydiggy and I headed to the carousel with friends for some 'indoor' fun.  Damn smoke.

Monday the heavens smiled and brought a cold front through.  Hallelujah!!  We had GOOD air for the first time in weeks.  I kept #wiggydiggy outside all day while Justin and our favorite handyman, Jim, installed our new front door.
Justin put the new screen door our back door before Jim arrived.

Tuesday was our first day of Pre School!!