Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday 5 - Randoms

 Happy Friday!

My picture for yesterday isn't loading......check back, I'm going to keep trying!

Christmas shopping is 99% done.  I have one more item for Justin that needs to get picked up, and then I just have a few items left to wrap!

God Bless Amazon Prime.

The only items I bought in stores this year were the stocking stuffer goodies and a few gift cards!

I'm dreading going to the post office on Saturday to mail out two packages and all of our Christmas cards.  Yikes.

I tried Lipsense again.
Another epic fail.
Four coats, their gloss only, and my top lip was totally bare after lunch.

Another reason to sick with my Maybelline Superstay 24 lipstick!
I put it on yesterday morning and it was still there AFTER DINNER.

I think I'm going to get Blush On as my next color.

I need some good book suggestions.  I cleaned out my Kindle book list (too many crappy free books) and I'm dying for something great to read.



They are my favorite online consignment store.  I just scored some new J. Crew Shorts (with tags!) and a button down for $19.

I'm also ready to order a clean out bag to ship all of my maternity clothes off.
I just have to wait 5 more months.....

Thursday, December 14, 2017

18 Weeks

 Current Update:

I'm sore.  Just achy all over.  Not sure if I'm coming down with a cold or I'm just growing.

Weight:  A pound or two.  The only upside to having no appetite while pregnant.
Kidding.  Kidding.
I have to force down a carnation instant breakfast every morning and I struggle to eat throughout the day.  Dinner time is the worst. :(

Stretch marks: Nope
I swear by Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.  Smells amazing and is super hydrating.

Sleep: Still an early bedtime and naps on the weekend.

Gender: A surprise!

Movement: Wiggling and kicking/punching.

Best moment this week: Coming home to my baby after a week.  His 20 minute hug and 100 kisses when I walked in the door were the highlight of my year.

Looking forward to: Christmas!

Food cravings:  Cold water and carbs.  I'm still not able to eat much.

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly.

Symptoms: Bump.  Sore boobs.  Constantly needing to pee!  

Workouts: Light weights, lots of squats.

Things that suck: Headaches.  This started after coming home from Hawaii and I'm thinking it's due to altitude and needing to drink more water.

Things that don't suck: Feeling the baby move!  GAH!  I love it so much!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hawaii Recap

  To be totally honest, our trip wasn't the best.

We spent too much time driving around in the Jeep to not spend any real time at the destination we got too.

We spent the first three days dealing with dumb drama back home (it had to be dealt with, our kid was being impacted.)  That ruined the first half of the trip for me.  We did learn that we can never leave #wiggydiggy behind again.  We'll bring him and, most likely, my mother along.

Now - #wiggydiggy did AWESOME with us gone.  He told his MeMaw (my mom) every morning that 'Mama and Daddy are on a trip and I'm home with you!'.  My mom said he never cried and was happy the whole week.

Back to Hawaii.

It was colder than I expected.  I wish I had packed more pants and a good light jacket/sweatshirt.

Laying out in the sun was nice, because it never got over 79 the whole time we were there.

I still can't get over the stunning views.  One direction was gorgeous blue ocean and the other was lush green mountains.

The humidity level was perfect.  Coming home to dry Montana (ugh, this place is the WORST) was actually painful.  My skin hurts :(

There are chicken everywhere.  And by chickens - I also mean Roosters.  You could hear them crowing all day long no matter where you were.

If you've ever watch Moana, you know about Hehe.  The scene where he freaks out on the raft in the ocean?  #wiggydiggy's favorite part.  Justin and I would crack up every time one crowed!  Haha.