Monday, June 4, 2018

Memorial Weekend 2018

We normally go to Glacier National Park over Memorial Weekend.
This year we postponed our trip a few weeks ;)
Taking a two week old on a road trip just didn't sound like a good idea!

Instead we stayed close to home.  Our only road trip was to Canyon Ferry Lake for a little rock throwing (toddler's request) and the scenic route home through the mountains (my request).

Sunday morning we had newborn photos.  Justin headed out with his dad and brother to visit family in Northern Montana shortly after we finished.  Having both kiddos all afternoon went surprisingly smooth.  Bed time on the other hand.....not so much.  Blessed Justin came home only an hour after bedtime and helped get #wiggydiggy to sleep while I was nursing.

Monday was nice and quiet.  I spent my day with a baby in my arms and the big boys did some yard work.

Why can't every weekend be three day weekends?
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Friday, June 1, 2018

5 on Friday - Current Necessities

It's a new stage of life around here :)
I know that this current chapter is short lived, though it's all encompassing.  These are the few essential items that help make this time easier.


I used a Moby wrap with #wiggydiggy and loved it.  However the fabric is too thick for my spring baby.  I ordered the natural and grey striped one (in the photo) and it is SO soft.  I wear #babywigs often :)

Next up might be a bit TMI
Unless you're a mom.

Thinnest, most comfortable ones out there.
If you have to wear a pad for weeks - might as well be comfortable ones!


I love my glass bottle!  I keep this one and two others full at all times.  Nursing makes me extremely thirsty and the straw makes it possible to drink hands free.

Nursing Cami's

I have two kinds.  The first are leftovers from #wiggydiggy.  They aren't my favorite (bottoms are too stretched out/flared out) but they get the job done while I'm at home.
The other is the Medela Slimming Nursing Cami.
I love how this one fits and washes up.
If fits great under other tops too.


This is AMAZING!!

It was a Mother's Day gift and it has become the favorite gift of the year.  For both Justin and myself!
I've been running 'Ruby' twice a day on weekdays so that she can learn our floor plan inside and out before I go back to work.  We have a single story home and Ruby can get every room (except the sunken living room) in one battery charge now.

The surprising benefit of the Roomba has been how tidy we've become.  We can't leave things on the floor to block her path, so Justin and I make sure to pick up before bed and in the morning everyday.  Our carpets are clean and our house is neat!

It's also one less chore I have to figure out how to do :)

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Thursday, May 31, 2018


I knew that I wanted #wiggydiggy to be the first to meet the baby.
He was so excited for his sibling to be born and I was so excited for him to be a big brother.

So we kept the baby's sex and name quiet until #wiggydiggy was able to come to the hospital.
That afternoon, Justin picked up #wiggydiggy after his nap from school and brought him to meet his new sibling.

I was a tiny bit nervous because #wiggydiggy had been asking for a baby sister for months.  Justin was too, so they talked about the new baby brother on the drive up.
I think #wiggydiggy was so excited to see his mom and dad, that he didn't care if it was a brother or sister!

He has been obsessed with his baby brother ever since.
Every day he asks to hold him 100 times.
He gives him 100 kisses and calls him 'My Sweetheart'.

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