Friday, December 13, 2019

Top 5 from 2019

Topping the list again this year:


I know there are newer models out there, but I'm refusing to research them!  Haha.  I'm afraid I may want an upgrade :)

I love the 690 because it's wifi connected so I can start it, and check on it, from my phone.  This year we bought a replacement kit from Amazon for $11 to clean the brushes and wheels.  Best $11 spent.


This was Justin's Christmas gift last year, and we both agree, it's the BEST.

I bought this to replace our dying Keurig, and I will never go back.  We rarely buy coffee in the morning now!  The frother was the golden ticket.  I love my homemade latte's and we are saving money at Starbucks.  So win/win.


So this isn't something you can buy at Amazon or Target.  Buying a unlimited pass to Pilates classes has been the best self-care and workout I ever could have asked for.  I go 3-4 days a week (I aim for 5, but haven't hit that goal yet.) and the change in my body and mind has been well worth it.

Bracelet Key Ring
Twist Inspired Bangle & Babe Bracelet Key Ring Twist - Matte Silver Black
I found mine at Bangle and Babe's Etsy shop.  I was looking for one that my teething babe could play with and this one has held up amazing!  There is nothing nicer than having my keys accessible but not in the way of wrangling two kiddos.

I bought the Original in Pearl, but now I have my eye on the Twist in Matte Silver......

My amazing housekeeper

Again, not something you can buy at the store, but our cleaner is the most amazing person.
Justin and I agreed to budget for a monthly cleaner over a year ago to see if our regularly occurring argument would stop.  Justin complained I spent too much time on the weekends cleaning (because it was the only time a full time working mama had to scrub toilets, dust, mop, etc) and not enough time with the family.  I would argue back that I couldn't live in a house that was filthy and I wouldn't enjoy family time if we lived in a pig sty.

Enter Jessica.

She comes once a month to do the deep cleaning and she is worth every.single.penny.

I know that as the boys get older and start taking on more chores, that our need for Jessica will wane.  But until then, I will sing her praises from the roof top.

What are your top 5 from 2019?

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Chicago Part 2

The second part of my training took place the week before Thanksgiving.  Justin and I were fortunate to have my parents come up and stay with the boys for a few days, so Justin and I were able to have a long weekend alone!

I took advantage of the few hours between my class and Justin's arrival to wander around and stumbled upon the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Bloomingdale's and ended up surrounded by ballet dancers!

When Justin arrived we RUSHED to catch the last 13 minutes of the Blackhawks hockey game.
The score was 1-0 when we arrived and 4-2 when it ended.  I think they were just waiting for us to arrive to have the action start!  Haha.

Friday we walked all over the Navy Pier and Magnificent Mile just window shopping and snacking.  We couldn't have timed it better for our weekend in Chicago - it was the weekend the city lights up for the holidays!  There were tree lighting ceremonies and special treats everywhere we went. 
I just loved this church. 

That evening we saw Hamilton (LOVED IT) and indulged in all the treats the Waldorf had for us.

Saturday was Wrigleyville.
Again, we couldn't have planned it better if we had tried.  It was the weekend the Christkindlmarket opened!

FYI - one of my bucket list items is go Ice Skating.

I was in seventh heaven and felt like I was in my own Hallmark movie.  Pure Bliss.

We ended our trip at the Signature Room at the 95th.

Again, timing couldn't have been better - the Light Festival Parade started right after we were seated!  We could see all of the lights and the firework show during our (extremely delicious) dinner.

Our Chicago trip tops my list of best vacations ever.   I hope I get to go back soon.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019