Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Update

In November I wrote about my progress on That Whole Capsule Thing.  Now that I'm a few months post baby, I've been able to pare down my closet quite a bit more.  My beloved J. Crew pants are now too snug.  Dang hips spreading!  I've also realized that while I'm in the breastfeeding stage of life, I'm still in a holding state of a few items of clothing.  I'm keeping my outfits focused on easy access, which means I have quite a few tops and dresses that aren't wearable for the foreseeable future.

I read this article that really hit home.  Many years ago when I lived in Lincoln, NE, I had a part time job at The Limited.  (I only worked there for the clothes.  Pretty sure I paid them more than they ever paid me!)  I often scored killer deals on cute clothes, but ended up wearing the same thing every day.  Black dress pants, cami, and either a cardigan or turtleneck.  In the summer I'd occasionally wear a pencil skirt instead of pants.

My work attire took no thought and I knew that I looked professional every day.  I had more fun with my casual attire, but working three jobs kept me in a similar look at least 6 days a week.  As I've gotten older I am still drawn to the same look.  When I pull out my weeks worth of clothes every Sunday, the outfits are all very similar.  Button down, dress pants/skirt, heels.  And for casual attire - I just change into jeans.

With this "uniform" in mind, I've been able to remove quite a few more items from my closet with out a second thought.  I have another bag of clothes on their way to ThredUp and a handful more to list on Poshmark.

I have five variations of outfits I wear on a regular basis:
Dress Pants/Skirt, Button Down
Jeans, Button Down or Cardigan
Leggings, Boots, Tunic Sweater
Shorts, Button Down or Tee

Now onto pictures!  I know, you are just dying to see my closet.....right?  Haha.
Heel rack - made by J
His clothes are on the right

Empty space between hangers!!

Shoe rack made by J.  It's the first time all my shoes have space!

No overflow!  For the first time in.......?  Forever, I think it's forever.

I'm so glad that I decided to attempt the Capsule wardrobe.  I know that I'll never make it to the '30 items per season' because I love clothes too much.   My biggest take-away was my 'uniform'.  I wear the same five styles, but I had a closet jam packed with clothes I never wore.  Cutting back to my essentials made me realize how much excess I really had.  #firstworldproblems

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Nursery Tour

**Beware - all photos are taken with an iPhone.  Quality is 'iffy'*

When Justin and I found out we were expecting, I was firmly against finding out the baby's gender.  To me, there is nothing more exciting (or motivational) than waiting 40 weeks to find out.  It took 20 weeks, but Justin was soon on board and we were so excited for D-Day.  I will NEVER forget the moment that Justin told me that our baby was a BOY!  Tears all around :)

However, it's very difficult to decorate a nursery with too many specific details if you don't know the gender.  Should artwork be gender neutral or should we wait so we can pick colors?  Is that changing cover too girly or too boyish?  Does it matter?

Also, I'm not a big fan of cartoon-ish decor.  A baby grows into a toddler and then a 5th grader before you know it!  I don't want to redecorate our child's room with every new stage.  I wanted a room that was perfect for a growing child - a good base with plenty of flexibility for their own creativity.   My neutral base was Gray, White and Navy.

Letters from Michaels
Frames from IKEA
Prints from ZeppiPrints

Mobile from PBK

Chair from Pottery Barn
Rug from Target
Quilt - handmade

Boppy Cover from Designs by Christy

Shelf from Target

Basket - Gift
Changing cover from Target
Also, at this time, we aren't using his crib.  #wiggydiggy still sleeps in his pack n'play in our room.  
Paint - Sculptor Clay by Behr

I am still waiting on an order from IKEA.  The first shipment was missing half of the items.  The second shipment was sent back mid transit due to damage.  Third times a charm right?!  We have one more print and a bookshelf to complete his room.  

My two favorite items in the nursery are the Pottery Barn Glider (seriously SO comfortable) and his changing station.  Living in a single story home has a few extra perks - one of them being the convenience of one diaper changing station.  His dresser is the perfect height so neither Justin nor I have to bend down.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

5 on Friday - Currently

Right now, I'm currently loving......

Vanilla Iced Latte's
A special treat on mornings I need a pick me up.

Lil man's new car seat!  Can't wait for him to try it on our road trip to Billings!

Weekday Double Date Nights at Home
(say that 5 times fast)

So much fun to break up the week by spending a few hours chatting with friends with drinks in hand. 

These jeans:
Joe's Jeans Slim Boyfriend Crop
Why must I want such expensive jeans?!  Anyone know where I can find these for under $100?

Our weather forecast!!  I'm in the mood for some rainy weather.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

20 Weeks

How has it been 20 weeks? I feel like we just brought him home from the hospital.

20 weeks In

20 Weeks Out

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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Whitefish Weekend

Last Monday we decided we needed a quick weekend away.  One google search later and we scored a killer deal at the beautiful Lodge at Whitefish Lake.

#wiggydiggy was fantastic on the 3 1/2 hour trip.  We only stopped when he needed to nurse and he was happy the rest of the time!  I can't wait to take him up there more often this summer.

We arrived Friday night and ordered in room service.  Lil man was so energetic from his ride up, he went to bed a solid 3 hours after his normal bedtime.

Saturday we headed to Amazing Crepes for breakfast and then walked around downtown.  I found the most comfortable pair of jeans that I'm now searching for online.  I'm going to get them if I can find them on sale!  We poked our head into their children's boutique and I ended up purchasing a teething necklace.  I ordered one from Zulily, but it's not schedule to arrive until sometime in May.  And lil man is majorly in the teething zone.

I'm guilty of the "mom hairdo" now.  Always in a ponytail when I'm holding him!

Around lunch we drove up to Glacier Park and ended up lucking out that they were having a free weekend!  The Going to the Sun Road was only open to Lake MacDonald Lodge, so we stopped and stretched our legs.  It was SO windy, we decided to cut our trip short by taking some photos at the Apgar Boat Dock and then head back to Whitefish.

Back at the resort, we headed to their restaurant to sit on the deck to enjoy a drink before dinner.  We ended up running into a friend who was waiting on her husband to finish his conference that was being held on the lawn!  Small world :)  If you are ever in Whitefish - try Wasabi.  Their sushi is amazing!

Sunday morning we ended up back at Amazing Crepes :)  We had planned on trying a new breakfast spot......
But why mess with perfection?

For a spontaneous trip, this one takes the cake.  Our hotel couldn't have been more luxurious and the weather was spot on.  I can't wait to go back.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

5 on Friday - Baby Gear

#wiggydiggy is outgrowing his toys faster than I can introduce them to him!  He went from being stationary and only wanting one teething toy at a time to rolling over and wanting ALL THE TOYS in the matter of a week!  While I'm busy rotating toys for my growing boy, here are my five favorite baby items for the past (almost) 5 months.

Fisher Price Rock N Play
I received the basic model as a baby shower gift.  I know there are 'fancier' models that play music, rock, etc, but this basic model was perfect for us.  The first month, this is what he slept in.  I moved it around the house so that he was always near me while napping and I loved that I didn't have to bend over very far to pick him up.  He's slowly getting to long for it, but it's the perfect place for him to nap in the evenings.  

#wiggydiggy still sleeps in this at night.  We no longer use the newborn napper, only the raised mattress.  I love how easy it is to collapse and take with us when we travel.   I also love how the colors match our bedroom decor ;)

Vullie Sophie the Giraffe
We also have Kiki the Elephant by Go Gaga and he LOVES these.  Chewing and sucking for hours.  When he sees me pull one from my purse he squeals so loud and starts kicking furiously.  This is one toy he started playing with at a few weeks old and will be able to use for the next few months.

Fisher Price Jumperoo
He has Rainforest Friends at home and Rainforest Original at daycare.  Hours of entertainment.

Beco Gemini Carrier

We used the Moby Wrap for the first two-three months, but now that Lil Man likes to look around and chat with us, the Beco is our go-to carrier.  He LOVES to be forward facing on walks and I'll turn him in when he wants to nap.  It is such a comfortable carrier even J likes wearing it!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

5 on Friday

Since my lil guy and I have been under the weather this past week, I've spent a few too many hours perusing my favorite websites while rocking him to sleep.

It's similar to eBay, expect it's all women selling their gently used (or new) brand name clothing and accessories!  I've scored a few pairs of 7 for All Mankind jeans for under $40!
If you're on there, let me know so I can follow your closet!

If you shop online AT ALL, you need to sign up!  It's free!
This website is brilliant.  They track all specials, coupons and deals.  If you log on and link to a store (i.e. Nordstroms, Gap, etc.) you earn a percentage of your purchase back in CASH!  It's a no brainer.

Some of the cutest stuff.  I found maternity items, shoes, home decor and (of course) baby clothes!  For killer deals!
(and if you log in through ebates first, you earn cash back.)

This website should be a given.  I have purchased the CUTEST decor for lil man's room, spruced up our vow renewal, and decorated our home, all from fantastic shops on here.  If you're on Etsy, let me know and I'll follow you.  I'm always looking for new inspiration!

My current favorites:
Dishwasher Safe Labels from BumpandBeyond Designs
(I ordered the iron on ones and LOVE them.)

And my all time favorite 'Mom' website:
Lucie's List

I use this website for reviews on everything.  Swim diapers, jumparoo's, car seats, monthly updates.  It's to the point and written by a mom for mom's.

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