Friday, April 17, 2015

5 on Friday - Baby Gear

#wiggydiggy is outgrowing his toys faster than I can introduce them to him!  He went from being stationary and only wanting one teething toy at a time to rolling over and wanting ALL THE TOYS in the matter of a week!  While I'm busy rotating toys for my growing boy, here are my five favorite baby items for the past (almost) 5 months.

Fisher Price Rock N Play
I received the basic model as a baby shower gift.  I know there are 'fancier' models that play music, rock, etc, but this basic model was perfect for us.  The first month, this is what he slept in.  I moved it around the house so that he was always near me while napping and I loved that I didn't have to bend over very far to pick him up.  He's slowly getting to long for it, but it's the perfect place for him to nap in the evenings.  

#wiggydiggy still sleeps in this at night.  We no longer use the newborn napper, only the raised mattress.  I love how easy it is to collapse and take with us when we travel.   I also love how the colors match our bedroom decor ;)

Vullie Sophie the Giraffe
We also have Kiki the Elephant by Go Gaga and he LOVES these.  Chewing and sucking for hours.  When he sees me pull one from my purse he squeals so loud and starts kicking furiously.  This is one toy he started playing with at a few weeks old and will be able to use for the next few months.

Fisher Price Jumperoo
He has Rainforest Friends at home and Rainforest Original at daycare.  Hours of entertainment.

Beco Gemini Carrier

We used the Moby Wrap for the first two-three months, but now that Lil Man likes to look around and chat with us, the Beco is our go-to carrier.  He LOVES to be forward facing on walks and I'll turn him in when he wants to nap.  It is such a comfortable carrier even J likes wearing it!

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  1. Stopping by from the linkup. Sophie was a staple in our house!

  2. Great post. I am definitely getting a rock N play for baby #2 and I recently got a Beco gemini too. We had a BabyBjorn for Aubrey and I really wanted a better carrier for baby #2, and I am thrilled to see you guys love it!

    1. We have a BabyBjorn as well, but our guy only liked it for a *very short* time. Then he needed more support under his bum. We used it our whole weekend in Whitefish and he had the best time! Even took an hour nap :)