Friday, September 30, 2016

Five, er Four, Favorite things

Happy Friday Folks!

I know I'm not a true blogger.  This was started at the request of family and friends that lived many states away to keep up on our home remodel.

Well, as life has as tendency to do, things have changed.  Meaning we had a baby and now we are busier, happier, and less focused on house projects.  With our new family focus, we are switching up some home projects and working on minimization.  It shall be interesting how the next year goes!

{ Rein it in Laura. }
Ok!  Let's get back to 5 on Friday.  Some of my current favorite things:

Local coffee shop.  I'm apparently their 'most regular customer' (meaning I stop at least three days a week)  so they treated ME to a few latte's this week!  The girls are adorable and I enjoy chatting in the drive thru window before work.

Shop local y'all.  It's worth it.

I am IN LOVE with my new Tarte foundation.  I was a Bare Minerals addict for years, but I was looking to try something new but with the same concept of Bare Minerals.

I apply with a sponge (I use the Ulta Brand) and I feel like I look airbrushed.  I'm a few months in and I'm hooked.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


I have donated/given away/trashed almost all of our plastic storage containers.  I'm on the glassware bandwagon and I love it.  I hit the Pyrex jackpot at TJMaxx the weekend my parents were in town.
In our goal to minimize, I cleaned out our fridge and #wiggydiggy and I ate nothing but left overs this week (Justin was out of town).  Now I just need to find some glass/metal lunch containers.  Any suggestions?


I need a new pair!

I have my eyes on these:

Know of any good knock-offs? Or should I just bite the bullet?

As always, linking up with the fabulous ladies above.  Go, read their blogs!

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Five on Friday


We made our kitchen design decision!  So excited that our plans are coming together so easily.

All Kitchen plans are on hold for the foreseeable future.
Insert sad/bummer face here.

The reason?
We sprung a leak in our master/guest bath plumbing.
It's going to require a jackhammer.

So....Now we are planning a Master Bathroom Remodel

Our current inspiration:

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Monday, September 26, 2016


Over the past week, quite a few events took place that cause us to stop and take a step back.

Justin and I sat down and talked about what we really wanted in the next year, five years, ten years and beyond.  And surprise (or no surprise) we both agreed on one big change for the next year.

So then we walked through the house and made a list of all of the things we still need to do.  The obvious ones - fix the bathrooms!  The hole has now been filled in, but we need to re-tile and install the toilet again.
Concrete being installed

Some of those big projects we had planned to take on, have been refocused.  Little plans have been refocused and our family's goals have been refocused.

I've never been so excited for the upcoming year.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!
I have never been so grateful to see Friday on the calendar.  Not that this week was hard/difficult, but because my travel reached peak business.  #4daysaweek.

While I'm on the road until the end of October for work, at home we are gearing up for our winter projects.  Our current yard work projects will be (hopefully) done this weekend.  We have a list of more to start in the spring but I am so grateful to turn our focus back indoors.

Kitchen Counter tops

This project has spun into so many more!  Haha.  The first step in updating our kitchen is redoing the counter tops.  I have fallen in love with the laminate counter tops from Lowes. (see example here)
Image result for lowes laminate countertops

I know!  It's not granite or stone!  God Forbid!!
Hear me out.  a) our house is already at the high end for our neighborhood.  b) I personally do not care what material our counter tops are  c) the quality of the counter tops have already impressed us in our bar area and guest bathroom  d) no one who has seen them in person has thought they looked like laminate.  and most importantly e)  I don't care.

Bonus?  The cost savings.  Cha-ching!  Haha.


Currently our kitchen is Malted Milk by Behr.  In our kitchen it looks like a very very light taupe-y gray.  Almost white.  In every other room (including out laundry room) it looks pink.

Not exactly the look we were going for.....

I still love greige but I really really love white.  I have been a pinning fool on Pinterest and I love the look of white on white on white in the kitchen.
Shop BELANGER Fine Laminate Countertops Formica 10-ft Ouro Romano-Etchings Miter-Cut Laminate Kitchen Countertop at

Picking a new paint color is going to be fun :)

Kitchen Cabinets

To paint or not to paint?  That is the question,

No really, that's the question.  We are getting a quote here soon so that question will be answered in the near future.  If the cost is do-able, then we are painting them white.  If not, then we are going to scrub them and leave them as is.  I'm good either way, but going white would be so much fun!

Kitchen Sink

With updating our counter tops we are going to update our sink as well.  I love the single basin look and functionality.

countertops, sink, kitchen | the tomkat studio:

This is my favorite update coming to the kitchen.  Heart eye emoji's for days.

Hall pantry

This project has me SO SO excited.  Our laundry/half bath/extra pantry storage area is basically a big hall closet.  I have been using it for kitchen storage and extra supplies, but the function is severely lacking.  The shelves are all built ins so I am limited on what I can store there.  On both side the shelves end before the wall, so I'm losing out on valuable storage space.  Also, the brown sliding doors need to go.  G. O.

We are going to demo this weekend and get the new closet doors ordered.  My organizational tendencies are giddy with possibilities.

Love the organization! And the idea of containers for chips instead of in the bag.:

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Room 2 - September 6th

It's your first official day in Room 2!  AKA ' The 2 Year Old Room'

You started to "transition" two weeks ago.  But after the first day, you were set in your new room.  When I picked you up, my jaw hit the floor with your report card.

  • Napped on mat - with NO issues.  

Uh...say WHAT??!  No paci, no crying, no bugging neighbors?  I was amazed and so, so proud of you.  Your growth and skills continue to astound me.

  • Ate lunch at table
I.E. no high chair.  We've tried it at home a few times, but you won't stay in your seat and don't eat as much.  So I was beaming when they said you ate all of your food (and most of your classmates as well).  You are growing right up!

So today, your cubby, name tag, and attendance chart are in the 2 Year Old Room.
When dad dropped you off, you waved bye and took off to play.  When I stopped by a half hour later to drop off the cupcakes, you blew me a kiss and didn't miss a beat of playing.

A piece of my heart broke knowing that you are growing and thriving and it isn't stopping anytime soon.  I miss you as my tiny newborn.  But I cannot wait to see who you are becoming.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Happy September 1st!

I love the change from summer to fall.  The gentle slow of the heat to cool, the days slowly getting shorter, the cool mornings that turn your breath to clouds while the afternoon sun brings drops of sweat to your brow.

I am as busy as ever at work - I'm traveling every week from now until the end of October.  Hence the blog being quiet.

We've been doing so much at home also!  Pulled up a few gardens, planted a new garden, reorganized the toy room/guest room/office situation, and started plans for a raised vegetable garden.  I can't wait to update you :)

But for now, we'll just enjoy this first day of September.  The first day of my second favorite month :)

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