Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Room 2 - September 6th

It's your first official day in Room 2!  AKA ' The 2 Year Old Room'

You started to "transition" two weeks ago.  But after the first day, you were set in your new room.  When I picked you up, my jaw hit the floor with your report card.

  • Napped on mat - with NO issues.  

Uh...say WHAT??!  No paci, no crying, no bugging neighbors?  I was amazed and so, so proud of you.  Your growth and skills continue to astound me.

  • Ate lunch at table
I.E. no high chair.  We've tried it at home a few times, but you won't stay in your seat and don't eat as much.  So I was beaming when they said you ate all of your food (and most of your classmates as well).  You are growing right up!

So today, your cubby, name tag, and attendance chart are in the 2 Year Old Room.
When dad dropped you off, you waved bye and took off to play.  When I stopped by a half hour later to drop off the cupcakes, you blew me a kiss and didn't miss a beat of playing.

A piece of my heart broke knowing that you are growing and thriving and it isn't stopping anytime soon.  I miss you as my tiny newborn.  But I cannot wait to see who you are becoming.

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  1. The mats scared me when Aubrey moved up- I couldn't imagine my baby sleeping on a cot! Crazy!