Friday, September 30, 2016

Five, er Four, Favorite things

Happy Friday Folks!

I know I'm not a true blogger.  This was started at the request of family and friends that lived many states away to keep up on our home remodel.

Well, as life has as tendency to do, things have changed.  Meaning we had a baby and now we are busier, happier, and less focused on house projects.  With our new family focus, we are switching up some home projects and working on minimization.  It shall be interesting how the next year goes!

{ Rein it in Laura. }
Ok!  Let's get back to 5 on Friday.  Some of my current favorite things:

Local coffee shop.  I'm apparently their 'most regular customer' (meaning I stop at least three days a week)  so they treated ME to a few latte's this week!  The girls are adorable and I enjoy chatting in the drive thru window before work.

Shop local y'all.  It's worth it.

I am IN LOVE with my new Tarte foundation.  I was a Bare Minerals addict for years, but I was looking to try something new but with the same concept of Bare Minerals.

I apply with a sponge (I use the Ulta Brand) and I feel like I look airbrushed.  I'm a few months in and I'm hooked.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


I have donated/given away/trashed almost all of our plastic storage containers.  I'm on the glassware bandwagon and I love it.  I hit the Pyrex jackpot at TJMaxx the weekend my parents were in town.
In our goal to minimize, I cleaned out our fridge and #wiggydiggy and I ate nothing but left overs this week (Justin was out of town).  Now I just need to find some glass/metal lunch containers.  Any suggestions?


I need a new pair!

I have my eyes on these:

Know of any good knock-offs? Or should I just bite the bullet?

As always, linking up with the fabulous ladies above.  Go, read their blogs!

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