Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wiggydiggy | 22 Months

#wiggydiggy | 22 Months

nicknames | bug, baby
Seriously the best photo

weight | unknown but my guess is around 30 pounds

size | 18 month- 2T clothes and size 5 shoes.  Size 4 diapers/2T training diapers

Playing with your best buddy

sleep | You like your bedtime at 745 and you wake around 630/7 for breakfast.  You are taking 1 nap a day averaging 1 hour or so at school.  You will sleep up to 3 hours at home.

Birthday party for your buddy!

eats |  Still a great eater.  You love yogurt and carbs, so I try to make sure you have a balanced plate :)

loves | anything with wheels, baths, airplanes and Little Einsteins.  We really limit TV, so getting an episode is a BIG deal.  You love patting and chatting along with the show.

dislikes | stopping playing and not getting to go outside.
firsts | potty training!  You are doing SO Good!!  Once your pull-ups arrive, daycare will be working on it as well.  You also went on your first waterfall hike!

You are growing, changing and enlightening our lives daily.  We love you so much.  You are so sweet, kind and happy.  SO HAPPY!  I love that about you.

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