Tuesday, October 18, 2016

If We Met for Coffee

I've seen this around blogland for a few years.  Time to jump on the bandwagon #betterlatethannever

If we met for coffee...

I'd ask you on a nice weather day so we could go to my favorite local place.  They only have outdoor seating and a drive thru so we'd sit where we could soak up some sun before winter comes.

The gals know my order and hand over my Snicker doodle Latte with a smiley face drawn on.

I'd ask you how you are and how your job is going.
(yes, SAHM is a job)

I'd compliment your shoes and ask you where you are finding cute clothes right now.

I'd end up talking a little too long about potty training and then segueing into talking about my son for a bit too long.  I hope you'll humor me ;)

My anxiety will kick in and I'll panic and ask you a ton of questions quickly to cover up my conversation monopoly.

Then I'll ask if you're hungry, because they have the BEST breakfast pasty's but I can't eat a whole one.

I'll complain about small town living and beg your for suggestions of fun things to do around here.

We'll run out of time and I'll ask you for a wine date later.

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