Thursday, September 27, 2018

Floor Progress

Floor is Cooperstown Hickory from Home Depot

We chose this flooring for a few reasons
1. We didn't want to overprice our flooring for our neighborhood
2. This isn't our forever home, so we didn't want to overspend
3. Two young boys

I love the way it's turned out!  Without the baseboard trim it does look a bit darker than I wanted.  I know once we get furniture and rugs in it will change the overall look.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

It starts today!

Our flooring install starts today!

I have (impatiently) waited for this day for 6 years.
Every time we've picked out flooring and started the process, we've been side tracked.
Twice it was for busted pipes in our main bathroom.
Once was to replace our main fireplace.
Once it was for the damage done to my Tahoe.

Since we would rather pay for our remodel out right vs going into debt, it just kept pushing back the floors.

The current state of our house:

Justin's a beast and ripped up all the carpet, carpet pads, tack strips, linoleum, and tile in 36 hours.  His brother came over to help move all the furniture to the garage

I can't wait to share the after!!
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Friday, September 21, 2018

5 on Friday - Staying Healthy

With a new baby in daycare, it's just a matter of time before the first illness hits.  I've been fighting the beginning stages of a cold for the past week and I'm praying that I can keep it at bay until after our floors are done.

My tried and true methods of fighting the germs:


I often pick Cold Calm before I grab anything else.
I also like their Sinusalia because I'm prone to sinus infections.

I do believe taking Cold Calm for the past week has prevented the beginning stages of my cold to progress into a full blown cold.

#wiggydiggy gets the Children's version.

Oil Diffusing

I have diffusers in most of our rooms.  I keep Lavender going in the boys rooms for sleep, but once the weather turns I keep Thieves going in our main rooms.

Yes, I do buy most of our oils to diffuse (and diffusers) at TJ Maxx.    However, Thieves and Purification are blends I only trust to Young Living.  I need to order another bottle to keep at work for my work diffuser now!


I wrote about how we moved to a more natural way of cleaning here.  I still use vinegar to clean most everything.  I also use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels for my cleaning as well.

Pro-tip:  Buy the microfiber multi pack from Home Depot.
18 towels for under $10


I bought our at CVS.  I use it daily when I'm sick, and every few days when I'm not.  It gets very dry in Montana in the winter, so every little bit helps.


#wiggydiggy takes L'il Critters.  We recently added Immune C to his morning routine.
I can honestly say I noticed a difference once it joined his multi vitamin and Calcium gummies.  We had a rough January with the flu and Hand, Foot, Mouth.  I ordered these post illness and he hasn't even had a cold!  His classroom was hit hard with a cough and cold in May (when #biggywigs was born) and he was unscathed.

I've been taking pre-natal vitamins since I was 20 or so per my Dr's recommendation.  (I need additional iron).  I've tried many, including gummies, but I always come back to Nature Made 

I do take the Nature Made Prenatal with DHA when I'm pregnant, but otherwise I stick to what works!

And of course, I always drink water.  I love my Glass Camelbak and I easily drink 4 or 5 bottles worth during work.  I have a harder time drinking water once I get home, but I make it my goal to drink a whole bottle before bed.

Do you do anything to help stay healthy during the winter months?

P.S.  As always, I link to Amazon (because I love Amazon) and it's easy to find everything.  I live in the flipping boonies and often can't find anything in stores.  So....convenience. 

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Best Amazon Purchases

I love Amazon.
No secret here.

I do know that the review section can be both overwhelming, and full of false review from "paid" sponsors.  That's why I love real reviews from real women that I know.

kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

I LOVE these!!  They use static cling to stay on your windows and come in two different darkening styles.  I keep the darkest on #biggywigs side and the lighter ones on #wiggydiggy's side.  I love knowing that they won't Pop off the window and become a projectile, can't be pulled up and down (like other ones we have....) by a interested toddler, and I can adjust them with a quick movement.

I received these right before our two week road trip and they were amazing.  I could adjust them when we stopped for potty/nursing breaks and keep the sun off the boys at all times.  When my mom visited, she loved them so much she ordered a set for herself!

COSRX Acne Pimple Patch
Holy crap these work.

They work best if the pimple has a head or been broken, then they suck out all that grossness.
I have had pimples disappear overnight.  Others have decreased dramatically in size and redness.  I've even worn one all day at work without anyone saying a thing.

As long as hormonal acne exists, I'll buy these.

Basically the cheaper, smaller sister of the Makeup Remover Cloth

I use these every night to clean my face.  I originally ordered the two pack because I was doubtful they worked as great as my Makeup Remover Cloth.  Turns out they do!  So I ordered two more :)
I'm all about the skin care now that I'm in my 30's.  Totally regretting not focusing on it a decade earlier.  Boo.

These have a cult following and now I know why.
I ordered Black/Black (meaning the logo's are dark too) and they are awesome!
For workout leggings, I still prefer my Athleta 7/8 Salutation Tight (because holy softness!) But these are a close second for $20.00.

I also love that they are thick enough and high waisted to wear as athleisure. They keep me sucked in, covered, and hold up their shape great.

For size reference, I wear a 28 in most jeans (AG, J. Crew, 7 for All Mankind) and a size 6 in Banana Republic.  The small fits great.
I also love the length.  I have short legs for being 5'7" and prefer a 28" inseam.

Check the price often, I bought them at $10!

I started suffering from eye strain last year and my eye Dr. recommend I get blue screen filters for my work computers.   I was given two new monitors at work that had the option to remove the blue screen, but my eyes were still strained and tired.  So I spent $10 and it was the best $10 I've spent.  Between my phone, computer, tablet, and TV, my eyes need as much help as they can get.

And of course my Subscribe and Save.  My constant purchases:

I can't talk about Amazon without mentioning our Echo!
Or Alexa.  Whatever you call it/her.

We have the previous generation, so no fabric cover.  But dang, I kinda love the sandstone option!

We have one in our room, the kitchen, and the dot in #wiggydiggy's room.  I created a station just for him on Amazon Music and he LOVES asking Echo to play a specific song.

What do you love from Amazon? 

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

#biggywigs - 4 Months

#biggywigs | 4 MONTHS

nicknames | Love Monkey, Chunky Monkey, Baby, Baby Cakes, Sweet Pea

weight | 20 lbs 5 oz and 26 1/2 inches tall!  To put it in perspective, your brother weighed 20 lbs 5 oz at 12 months.

size |  s
ize 4 diapers.  Mostly 18 month clothes (sob!).  You have rolls for days.  I love it :) I do believe your speedy growth is starting to taper off. (fingers crossed)  I'm still in shock that you are SO BIG.

sleep | 
 Nap times aren't quite consistent, but you are sleeping about 4 times during the day.   Bedtime is 7:30ish.  You wake around 1:30 and 5:30 to nurse.  You wake up for the day around 645 or so.

eats | Still 100% breastmilk.  Bottles are about 3 oz.  You eat at 530AM, 830/9 AM, 1115 PM, 230 PM, 530PM, nightcap at 730 PM, 130 AM, 530 AM and start all over again.

loves |  
Your mama and daddy.  Big brother is still one of your favorite people to stare at.  You love being tickled and your snail toy.  You prefer to be held upright and you are trying so hard to sit upright as well.

dislikes |  
Hungry, full diapers, and wanting to sleep but not having a blanket.  You also DO NOT like loud noises.

firsts |  Starting School!  You and #wiggydiggy are in the same building and I love knowing you are both 2 minutes away.   You rolled over from your tummy to your back a few times, but nothing consistent.  Won't be long until you're rolling everywhere!

Mama |  You are such a fun and happy boy!  I love our lunchtime snuggles and I'm trying so hard to keep you in your pack n play at night.  If I do, you only wake once.  If I put you next to me, we're up multiple times for a quick snack and some snuggles.  You are trying so hard to roll over and you are so fun to play with.  #wiggydiggy is the only one who can get you to belly laugh with his silly faces.  They are my favorite moments.

I love you so much munchkin.

Daddy |  You are still our “big boy” ever growing but now you are much more chatty.  I love your pensive look that gives way to a glorious smile every morning when you wake up.  I love our morning cuddles in the bed while mommy is in the shower.  I love how you grip my finger and won’t let go.  I love how you fixate on #wiggydiggy when he is playing by you absorbing all that you see.  You are so loved and your mom and I are so lucky to have you in our lives.  I love you son!

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Friday, September 14, 2018

5 on Friday - Places I would like to Visit

Back at it with Kait from writing prompts!

5 Places I would like to Visit One Day.

c/o google images

Santa Barbara
c/o google images

(Honestly most of Europe - England, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Greece)

C/o Lonely Planet

South Africa


Check out THIS blogpost!

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

How I would spend $1,000,000

Kait at has created some interesting writing prompts for September.  I've started drafts on a few, but this one was probably the quickest one to type out.

How I would spend $1,000,000

Being married to a finance man and working in insurance/risk management makes this very very boring spending wise!  haha.

First we'd pay off the house, rental house, and my car.
Then finish the renovation projects in our home (approx 20,000 worth)
Then we'd max out our contributions to our Roth's, the boys 529's, and put the majority of the remaining amount into our other investment accounts.
We'd also make a charitable contribution to our church.

I told you it would be pretty boring :)

However, we'd make sure to keep a few dollars for ourselves.
I'd plan a trip with my bestie to do some power shopping.
I'm guessing we'd book a long weekend outside of Vegas so we could hit up the outlet malls and soak up some sunshine.  Vegas is her favorite place, so I'd love to treat her.
Then I'd buy everything on my wish list. (read: boring)
Dress pants, button downs, jeans.
And kid clothes!

We'd also take a family vacation.  (Justin wants to go back to Hawaii.)

And that's it.

1 Million dollars in today's money isn't a lot and it really does not go very far.
Looking at our list, I'd say we'd have all of that money reallocated and spent within the year.
But being debt free and having a large portion in our investments will pay off in the long run.
Our rental property will be paying for itself.
I'll encourage Justin to get a new vehicle and that payment won't stick around very long.

The boys wouldn't know any different because we wouldn't live our lives any differently.
Well, we might take a few more family weekend getaways....

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Five on Friday - Current Loves

This is the last hot week forecasted for the year!  80's through the weekend and then dropping down into the low 70's and high 60's.
I LOVE fall!!

With the changing of the season and the new season of life I'm in, here are my current favorites to keep me going:


I wrote about my Dry Shampoo experience here and talked about my breakout from their Clean Freak line.
After I read a few articles that mentioned the Plump version and then reading reviews on Amazon, I decided to pick up a bottle.  It was less than $5 and I LOVE the volume it gives my hair!
I haven't used it exclusively as a dry shampoo because I am afraid of another breakout.  Instead, I use it on second or third day hair at my crown for a boost of volume that lasts ALL DAY LONG.


I'm in need of new jeans post baby #2.
So I checked out the features of Prime Wardrobe and decided to give it a go!

I ordered about $700 worth of jeans (for $0!!!) and tried them all on at home.
I ended up returning all of the ones I ordered (for various reasons) and have a new order coming my way next week.

I already have a pending order with some work clothes and shoes to try on.  The convenience of trying on at home, free shipping and returns, and the ease of shopping is making this mama one happy woman.
Amazon is hitting it out of the ballpark with this new way to shop.  Go Amazon Go.

New Favorite Podcast

I laugh, I learn, I am thoroughly entertained.


(Picture from Poshmark)

This season of life is calling for flats.
As much as I love my heels, I can't chase a toddler while carrying a 20 lb baby in a car seat.
I found these while shopping the outlets in Castle Rock back in July.  I thought about them often until Labor Day and I saw Factory had a killer sale.
They are butter soft and are my new go-to work shoe.

Coffee/Protein Shake

Yes, we signed up for Isagenix.  We chose to do this because we were on a REALLY unhealthy kick due to my #1 craving during pregnancy - junk food.
Yes, we know how to eat well.
Yes, we've done Paleo and attempted Whole 30 (more like whole 15's).

But with a toddler and an infant, Justin and I needed a kick in the pants to get us back on track!
(Note - I'm breastfeeding, so I have a shake with my breakfast to keep my supply up)

One cup of brewed coffee - chilled
Two scoops vanilla isagenix
5 ice cubes (I use frozen chia tea for a flavor boost!)
dash of cinnamon

I like that I'm not having a donut for breakfast anymore :)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

First Day of School

Today I cried.
Thankfully I was the only one.

#wiggydiggy moved up to the 4 year old room and is lucky to have the same teachers again!
He ran to his room without a wave or kiss good-bye.
I hope he never loses his scrunched smile.
He's gotten so tall!  I swear he's all arms and legs now.
He is so kind.  This morning he waited and held open the door for another boy and told him 'Good Morning!'
He hugged his teacher as soon as he got in his classroom and then went off to play.

#biggywigs started baby class today.
He was happy and full of giggles when Justin and I dropped him off.  I had a box full of his supplies (bottle, frozen milk, pacifier, diapers, wipes, etc etc etc) and went over his feeding schedule before we said our good-byes.
I was fine until I gave him his kiss.  Then I bawled.
#biggywigs just smiled and reached for a toy.  So I know he'll be fine.

I am so very grateful I get to nurse him over the lunch hour.
I'm also very very grateful that he's generally a happy baby and loves to interact with people.

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