Thursday, September 13, 2018

How I would spend $1,000,000

Kait at has created some interesting writing prompts for September.  I've started drafts on a few, but this one was probably the quickest one to type out.

How I would spend $1,000,000

Being married to a finance man and working in insurance/risk management makes this very very boring spending wise!  haha.

First we'd pay off the house, rental house, and my car.
Then finish the renovation projects in our home (approx 20,000 worth)
Then we'd max out our contributions to our Roth's, the boys 529's, and put the majority of the remaining amount into our other investment accounts.
We'd also make a charitable contribution to our church.

I told you it would be pretty boring :)

However, we'd make sure to keep a few dollars for ourselves.
I'd plan a trip with my bestie to do some power shopping.
I'm guessing we'd book a long weekend outside of Vegas so we could hit up the outlet malls and soak up some sunshine.  Vegas is her favorite place, so I'd love to treat her.
Then I'd buy everything on my wish list. (read: boring)
Dress pants, button downs, jeans.
And kid clothes!

We'd also take a family vacation.  (Justin wants to go back to Hawaii.)

And that's it.

1 Million dollars in today's money isn't a lot and it really does not go very far.
Looking at our list, I'd say we'd have all of that money reallocated and spent within the year.
But being debt free and having a large portion in our investments will pay off in the long run.
Our rental property will be paying for itself.
I'll encourage Justin to get a new vehicle and that payment won't stick around very long.

The boys wouldn't know any different because we wouldn't live our lives any differently.
Well, we might take a few more family weekend getaways....

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  1. I love seeing other people passionate about investing. The statistics I keep hearing about how much you truly need to retire these days is SCARY so maybe it's "boring" but so fiscally responsible. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for linking up :) Also - I vote for another Hawaii trip ;)