Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dry Shampoo Roundup

 God Bless Dry Shampoo.

I wasn't able to rock the 'second day hair' until after I had #wiggydiggy.
My body chemistry changed and I noticed that I was less 'oily'.  This caused me to change my skin care routine as well as start venturing into the world of dry shampoo.

I started with the usual drugstore options:

After about 6 months of learning what to do and what NOT to do, I ventured into Ulta (and Ipsy) and picked up a variety of brand names to try.

I followed the same routine with each dry shampoo.
1. Put on at night on clean hair.
2. Used at least three times consecutively before moving on.
Most times I would use the entire bottle before trying something new.

First up:
The failures

Not Your Mothers
Image result for not your mother's dry shampoo

I thought I loved this one for quite a while.  It smells good, left me oil free, and was reasonably priced.  However, after visiting my hairstylist for a trim, she told me my head was all broken out.
I was exclusively using this for almost two months so I super bummed.  I had noticed I was breaking out around my hairline, but I was chalking that up to hormones post nursing.  After two weeks of not using any dry shampoo my skin and scalp cleared up.
I have not had this happen with any other brand.


This came out wet vs a powder.   I put my dry shampoo on before bed so I was hopeful that it would dry overnight.

No such luck.  It dried, but it didn't take any oil with it.  I tried it a few times before tossing the bottle. For less than $5, I didn't feel bad throwing 1/2 the product away.

I am bummed this fell so flat!
I LOVED the smell.
But it did nothing to absorb oil :(

I did keep it, but now it's in my drawer at work to use as a quick boost of hair fragrance if I need/want it.

And Now

Drugstore brand:

I like to buy them at TJ Maxx for about $4 a bottle :)
Killer price for a stand up product.
The powder does take a bit more work to blend into my dark hair if I use to much.
I'm still learning how to have a lighter hand with spraying ;)

Brand Name
Runner up:
First up, I love the scent.
That can be a deal breaker for some, but not me!
Also, I LOVE the Dry Conditioner!  I haven't looked for other Dry Conditioner's yet, but this one is a staple in my bathroom.

It did a great job keeping my hair clean and voluminous.
My hair smelled fresh and clean all day.
I love buying this in the gift set with their Triple Sec texture spray.  It's perfect for traveling.

Best of the Best 

I prefer the version with Oat milk.

Oh holy moly.
If I was a millionaire, this is all I would use.
I'd probably be able to go three or four days between washing!
My hair looked like I had just washed it when I woke up after using this.  The following morning, my hair STILL looked oil free and amazing.

I was so doubtful it was as amazing as I thought it was, I took a break and went back to Oribe (it's ok.  Not the best, not worth the price tag) for a week.  Then I came back to Klorane and BOOM.  Back to AMAZING hair.
Bonus - it's a few $$ cheaper than DryBar!

Other results:
Psssst - just eh.  Left behind a residue I could feel all day.  Absorbed the oil, but not worth the sticky feeling in my hair.
Living Proof - I had to reapply in the morning and again in the afternoon.  That's using too much product for the price tag.
I love the Volume Spray they sell and use it all the time.  I think it absorbs oil better than the dry shampoo!
Rockaholic - it's ok.  Didn't wow me, but wasn't horrible.  I'd buy it again if I needed too.

*I linked everything to Amazon for easy access.  I buy Batiste at TJ Maxx, everything else at Ulta or Target.*

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