Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Natural Cleaning

A few months ago J and I watched a documentary on Netflix

I had already started moving towards natural cleaning and eating, but this documentary really set the wheels in motion.

I went out to Amazon that week and bought a 6 pack of glass bottles with BPA free sprayers:

I follow an adorable blogger Jen at The Coffeehouse and she has an amazing Oils page that has great recipes for cleaning naturally.  I followed her homemade multi surface cleaner recipe and haven't looked back:

From Jen:
Multi-Surface Cleaner

16 ounce glass spray bottle
Fill half full with distilled white vinegar
Add 10 drops Lemon essential oil
Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water
Shake and spray and dance and clean!

In our kitchen I use Lemon Essential Oil, in the living areas (our dining room, bar area, living room) I use Lavender, and in the bathrooms I use Peppermint.  The essential oil is really *necessary* but the smell helps cover up the vinegar.

Our fantastic neighbor uses Young Living Oils and when she saw my Instagram post about #wiggydiggy home with his first tummy bug, she brought over DiGize.  That Oil ended up helping me when I came down with the same bug 48 hours later.  

If you are interested in Oils, I would recommend buying a starter kit (the diffuser ALONE is worth it!).  Use code 3328786 if you feel like it ;)  I'll be sending out a small spray bottle with instructions to make a homemade hand sanitizer to anyone who uses my code.  

Since we've turned our whole home into a "chemical free zone", I feel better about cleaning.  I can spray the cleaner on the bathroom counters and toilet while lil man is taking his bath.  There are no fumes to irritate his tiny nose!

Keep in touch!  More recipes to follow :)

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