Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Memories

On Friday, #wiggydiggy had a Halloween party at 'school'.  I was able to pick him up early to bring him around to Trick or Treat at my work and Daddy's work.

Though, the lil man DID NOT like seeing Daddy dressed up like Santa Claus.  Maybe next year kid ;)

I was spending so much time enjoying the day with my family, I only snagged a few pictures!

Our lil Charlie Brown
(And the only photo where you could see his costume......)

We started the morning off at the Country Club.  They host a child friendly Halloween Event that lil man is just a bit too small for.  We had fun visiting with friends and watching the kiddos run around on sugar highs.

Then we headed downtown to the Helena Walking Mall Little Tikes Trick or Treat.
(Say that 10 times fast!)

We met up with some awesome gals and had a blast people watching in the extremely crowded downtown.

It was important to me to keep #wiggydiggy on his schedule, so we headed home for a nap before our neighborhood filled up with kids.
We live in a part of town where parents drop off van loads of kids and we have to be prepared for at least 300-400 trick or treaters.  Unfortunately, lil man did NOT like having people at the door while he was eating dinner.  I had to pull some mom magic out and a little finagling with his radio to keep his tears at bay.  Our nieces stopped by to show off their adorable costumes and play with lil man before he headed to bed.

After a busy day, J and I were happy to sit down to a steak dinner and a quiet house.  Charlie Brown was a bit confused by the festivities this year, but I cannot wait to see him Trick or Treating next year!

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