Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Fitness

November is fast approaching and to gear up for the upcoming holidays, my girl friend and I are challenging each other to a month long fitness challenge.

In addition to the challenge, I've come up with a few more healthy changes I want to focus on in November.  In September, she and I did the squat challenge (and I really saw a difference at the end of the month!) so I'm super excited to start a new one.

Join us!!


Drink more water.  I'm challenging myself to drink nine 8oz glasses of water a day.

Bring back the vitamins!

Since I've been traveling so much, I keep forgetting to stay on top of my vitamins.  I'm challenging myself to go the full month without missing a day.

Breakfast every day

And coffee does not count! :(  I make sure #wiggydiggy has a homemade breakfast every day - why don't I do that for myself?

Start on T-25!

Justin and I purchased T-25 a few months ago and made it through week 1.  My goal is to start November 1st and go through the whole program (through the holidays!)

Linking up!!
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