Monday, October 26, 2015

One Rough Weekend

#wiggydiggy was sick early in the morning on Thursday.
However, no fever, no other symptoms (minus a stuffy nose) I assumed he was sick from a tummy full of mucus.

Thursday morning, we agreed that he could go to daycare since he was his normal happy self.
As J pulled into the parking lot, lil man was sick all over himself again :(

So Mama stayed home to love on him all Thursday and Daddy stayed home to love on him on Friday.

He was tired and extra cuddly, but that was it!  No other sickness, no other symptoms and totally happy!

Friday when I got home from work in the early afternoon, J ran to his office with plans to work for a few hours to catch up.  Within 30 minutes I was texting him, begging him to come home ASAP.  I was sick :(

By 7PM that night, so was J.

Part the clouds, let the light shine through, Mother In Law to the rescue!  I called her at 9PM when I realized that there was no way J and I were going to be able to take care of #wiggydiggy if we couldn't even take care of our selves.

At 3AM, while we were in the throes of yuck, she rocked lil man back to sleep and made sure that we were resting.

Saturday was spent in pajamas and napping on and off (all three of us).  Sunday was much better.  We decided against church (no need to get a whole congregation sick) and listened to a sermon online.  By 1 we finally were up and moving around.

Feeling so much better......we started a new house project!

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