Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

Last Friday I shared some of my November fitness goals.  How have I been doing?  Well, since you asked ;)

I was slow to start (head cold) but I played catch up and and back on schedule.  I've been doing the current day and then adding in day 1, 2 or 3, if I feel like it wasn't enough of a work out.
Water consumption has been easy.  With a sore throat I've been guzzling bottles of water and mugs of tea like it's my job.  I've also been killing it on the vitamin front.  I think I have this head cold the thank.  Haha!

But I'm failing at breakfast each day.  Pretty sure a granola bar at my desk doesn't count.
As for T-25, since I have been sick all this week, I decided to push it back to December.  I'm starting Pilates next week, so that will be my November trade.

The count down is ON to Thanksgiving!  I am excited to eat turkey and stuffing for DAYS ON END while wearing leggings and baggy sweaters to hid the stuffed belly :)
Loft - Lou and Grey Ponte leggings.  I like my leggings to almost mimic pants - as in not be see through and give me a little support.  These fit the bill.  Mine are two years old and still look brand new. Black Friday Shopping has another pair on my list ;)

I'm on the hunt for some new ankle boots.  Mine are about to eat the dust :(
I think these are cute by Urban Outfitters, but I have no idea about the quality of their shoes.  I like mine to last a few years before needing to be replaced.  

I'm on MyFitnessPal as LFWigen.  Join me?  I would love to have more more awesome motivation to keep my on track over the holidays!

Our three projects will be revealed next week!  I'm on the hunt for some cute decor, but I think Christmas decor is up next ;)

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