Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#wiggydiggy 11 Months

#wiggydiggy | 11 MONTHS

nicknames | bug, lil man, buggy, magoo

weight |  Our 'at home method' isn't the best.  We know you grew (because some pants are now highwaters), but our measurements are the same.  So.....about 20 pounds and 30 inches!  We'll see what they really are at your drs appt next month.

size | Mostly 18 month, you still have a few 12 month pieces that fit. Size 3 diapers (which I think you'll be in for a few more months) 

sleep |  Still a fantastic sleeper!  You sleep through the night and take 1-2 naps totaling 3 hours a day.

eats | Everything.  You want what we are eating, so I'm having fun making dinner for the whole family now.  When we go out to eat you love to graze off our plates.  Still 100% breast milk.  We nurse at least 4 times a day and now you get an extra bottle of breast milk after we nurse before bed.  

loves | Exploring!  You want to crawl/stand/cruise everywhere and see everything.  You love your paci and sometimes want in the hand and one in the mouth!  You LOVE books. We read everyday and you love turning the pages and discovering them all on your own.  

dislikes | Getting out of the bath, loud power tools (especially the drill)

firsts |  5 TEETH!!  Standing without assistance!  First Halloween :)

Momma | Lil man - you hold my heart in your hand.  There is nothing better than seeing you get so excited to see me first thing in the morning.  You are so independent now!  You want to crawl everywhere and see everything.  You steal everyone's heart after you meet them.  You haven't found someone who hasn't loved you.  You are growing and flourishing and I love seeing the your personality shining.

Daddy | Little Man: You are growing leaps and bounds, your little personality is really coming out, you are doing everything in your power to stand and walk, constantly pulling yourself up on things to stand.  You are still a really good eater.  It's awesome hearing your little voice when you talk.  I'm sorry that I scared you with the power tools, but i'm hoping one day, you will come around to liking them. :)  I love you very much son.

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