Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Again, it's another Pinterest inspired home improvement project.  This time we changed this:
(Focus on the fireplace.  I forgot to take a "real" before picture)

Into this:

Our Inspiration:

J followed the instructions pretty much exactly.  I only painted the wood before we starting building.  I did paint a final coat after they were on the wall and had a light sanding.

We started by moving the oak hutches out and measuring out spacing on the wall.  Honestly, measuring the shelving locations took the longest!  We wanted enough height from the floor to add baskets/totes for blankets and toys underneath, all while making sure the shelves would have enough space between them to display everything we wanted.

I still have some shopping to do (don't we always.....) for specific decor items I'm looking for.  All of the football memorabilia will be moved to the family room once the shelving unit in there is built.  (Yes!  Another project!!  We are SO EXCITED!!!)

But for now?  I could not love the shelves anymore.  They brighten up and widen the room.  The new bright white trim doesn't hurt either ;)

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  1. Laura, these are awesome! They look totally professionally-built and as if the room was meant to have them. Great work by both of you!

    1. Thanks Hannah! We are hyper aware of any imperfections (aren't you always when it's your own work?) so it's nice to hear that. I keep catching myself staring when I walk down the hallway!