Friday, September 9, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!
I have never been so grateful to see Friday on the calendar.  Not that this week was hard/difficult, but because my travel reached peak business.  #4daysaweek.

While I'm on the road until the end of October for work, at home we are gearing up for our winter projects.  Our current yard work projects will be (hopefully) done this weekend.  We have a list of more to start in the spring but I am so grateful to turn our focus back indoors.

Kitchen Counter tops

This project has spun into so many more!  Haha.  The first step in updating our kitchen is redoing the counter tops.  I have fallen in love with the laminate counter tops from Lowes. (see example here)
Image result for lowes laminate countertops

I know!  It's not granite or stone!  God Forbid!!
Hear me out.  a) our house is already at the high end for our neighborhood.  b) I personally do not care what material our counter tops are  c) the quality of the counter tops have already impressed us in our bar area and guest bathroom  d) no one who has seen them in person has thought they looked like laminate.  and most importantly e)  I don't care.

Bonus?  The cost savings.  Cha-ching!  Haha.


Currently our kitchen is Malted Milk by Behr.  In our kitchen it looks like a very very light taupe-y gray.  Almost white.  In every other room (including out laundry room) it looks pink.

Not exactly the look we were going for.....

I still love greige but I really really love white.  I have been a pinning fool on Pinterest and I love the look of white on white on white in the kitchen.
Shop BELANGER Fine Laminate Countertops Formica 10-ft Ouro Romano-Etchings Miter-Cut Laminate Kitchen Countertop at

Picking a new paint color is going to be fun :)

Kitchen Cabinets

To paint or not to paint?  That is the question,

No really, that's the question.  We are getting a quote here soon so that question will be answered in the near future.  If the cost is do-able, then we are painting them white.  If not, then we are going to scrub them and leave them as is.  I'm good either way, but going white would be so much fun!

Kitchen Sink

With updating our counter tops we are going to update our sink as well.  I love the single basin look and functionality.

countertops, sink, kitchen | the tomkat studio:

This is my favorite update coming to the kitchen.  Heart eye emoji's for days.

Hall pantry

This project has me SO SO excited.  Our laundry/half bath/extra pantry storage area is basically a big hall closet.  I have been using it for kitchen storage and extra supplies, but the function is severely lacking.  The shelves are all built ins so I am limited on what I can store there.  On both side the shelves end before the wall, so I'm losing out on valuable storage space.  Also, the brown sliding doors need to go.  G. O.

We are going to demo this weekend and get the new closet doors ordered.  My organizational tendencies are giddy with possibilities.

Love the organization! And the idea of containers for chips instead of in the bag.:

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