Thursday, November 13, 2014

That Whole Capsule Thing

Back in August I mentioned that I was on a closet purge inspired by The Un-Fancy Blog.  Every week I'd take another item or two out of my closet that I just couldn't see myself wearing anymore.  Either it never fit well, I hadn't worn it in years, or it just really wasn't my 'size'.  After a few months of this, my closet has been picked through pretty well, but I still have a lot of clothes.

What I have parted with is going one of three places: Good Samaritan, Twice and ThredUp.  Twice and ThredUp are online consignment stores that buy and sell brand name, gently used clothing.  I've had lots of success with selling and buying from both of them and highly recommend them!

But the still stuffed closet?  This is partly due to the fact I have no idea what size or shape I'll be after this baby has arrived and partly due to the fact that maternity items are mixed in.  I don't want to part with items I really do love because "they may not fit again".  I also am a big fan of the concept - if you love it, buy multiples.  My thought is if I really do love an item, I'll wear it often.  If I have two of the same, they won't wear as quickly, and I'll have the option to wear it twice in one week ;)  Not a single item that was put in the purge pile was a duplicate.   

Those duplicate items?  They are all staples.  Items I wear every single week, both for work and play.

White or black Merona V-Necks from Target (a score at $10!)  I also kept every v-neck in other colors.  They wash and wear so well.

Black Dress Pants from the Limited.  I did get rid of a few pairs that I bought in 2006 and were a size too small.  I have both the Drew and Cassidy fits and I'm not sure what fit will be more appropriate after baby, so I kept all of them in the appropriate size.  Just a side note - I haven't bought a pair since 2011 and they all still look brand new.

Winnie Pants from J. Crew Factory.  Granted, I think I won't ever fit into them again after baby :(  I'll probably need a size larger, but they are my favorite dress pants Spring - Fall.  So worth the investment.  

I also couldn't part with any of my jeans (because they all fit pre-baby) or any of my blazers and most cardigans.  I love to layer, especially at work, because I tend to run cold.  It is also one of the fastest ways to change up an outfit without having to change everything.  Going from work to a dinner date?  I'll quick take off the blazer and throw on a scarf and cardigan and feel like I'm wearing a whole new outfit.

HOWEVER, and this is a BIG however, I've spent the last three years being very conscious of my wardrobe spending.  I've been focusing on better quality pieces that will stand the test of time.  I look for classic cuts, quality fabrics and a quality brand.  (Yes, I did buy some cheap maternity items because I know this is a season of life that ends quickly and I won't be wearing maternity clothes all year/every year.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money on wardrobe supplements that would only be in my closet for 4 or 5 months.  I'm still wearing most all non-maternity clothes!)  

My next step is to go through everything that is left and sort it by 'Maybe, Baby' and 'Stands the Test of Time.'  The items in the 'Maybe, Baby' pile will be questionable items that I think won't fit again or sizes that have me on the fence.  Those items will be moved to one side so when I'm able to start trying them on again, I'll be able to purge or keep.

At this time, I haven't even touched my drawers.  I have plenty of 'lounge' clothes that I'm refusing to part with for the foreseeable future.  My next 4 months will be at home with a new baby and the more lounge clothes I have, the less laundry I have to do while I adjust to life as a new mom!  I know there are quite a few items that really should see the trash can, but I think I can hold out a few months until I have a handle on this whole Mom thing.  (Also, if I wear it and it needs to see the trash, it can head there once it's dirty.  Multi-tasking at it's finest!)

I may not ever make it to the "30 items per season" like the Capsule Wardrobe aspires too.  I love my fashion and love to mix and match to pull new outfits together.  I have a private board on Pinterest that I will put outfit ideas I want to try for that week and I've put many new outfits together from using this method!

Now I just need to start on the husband's side......

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