Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday 5

The hospital bag is packed.  The car seat is ready to go and our bedroom is set up for the new baby.  I, however, am still OK with this little nugget staying put for 5 more weeks.  No one over here is wishing this pregnancy would end soon!!

I'm getting a cold :(  Or just some bad allergies.  But there is NOTHING worse than sneezing 20 x's a day in your third trimester.  I'm sure you other momma's understand!  Haha

35 weeks and still wearing heels.  I'm thinking I can make it the whole 40 (as long as they are still comfortable)

Jand I discussed Christmas presents the other night.  He veto'd everyone of my ideas!  He said they were all 'too practical' and I should get them anytime, not just Christmas.

Top of my list right now:
Sorel Caribou Boots
Which apparently we'll be picking up BEFORE Christmas because they are 'necessary' for Montana.  So.....any Christmas gift ideas?

J told me he ordered my "Push Present"!!  (God Bless the man that understands this gift giving concept, am I right?)  I cannot wait to see what it is!!!

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