Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Letter to my Child - Part 2

Dear Love bug,

It's almost time to meet you!  I am so scared and anxious about going into labor.  What calms me down and gets me through the scary thoughts are knowing that I'll get to hold you in the end.  

You are getting so big!  Your feet press up against my sides and I love rubbing them.  Sometimes during the day I forget I'm pregnant until you roll over and remind me that you are still growing inside.  I love it when you dance for us in the evenings.  When I crawl into bed and get ready for sleep you love to start dancing for your daddy and me.  You move your arms and legs and shake your back up against my stomach.  Your daddy and I play the 'What Part is This?' game with you.  I think you have him fooled most of the time ;)

We are ready for you.  I have your pack n'play set up right next to me in the bedroom and I check it every time I wake up.  I cannot wait to see you lying there.  You are SO loved and SO wanted.  I pray that you'll take your time to finish growing and show up exactly when you want to.

Your daddy is so excited to meet you.  He has been preparing for you big arrival since I told him the exciting news that you were growing inside me.  I catch him sitting in your room, rocking in the chair, waiting for you.  You will be his best friend.  He will teach you how to catch and throw just about every kind of ball.  He's already talking about taking you golfing, camping, hiking and biking.  No matter what, we will always be by your side, cheering you on in whatever activity you choose to do.

You will in our arms and forever in our hearts.  We love you so much love bug.  I cannot wait to meet you.

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