Wednesday, November 12, 2014

36 Weeks - 9 Months!

Make your guess for what BabyWigs will be on the right!!

How far along:  36 weeks/9 Months!!

Baby size: Almost 6 pounds and between 18-20 inches

Baby's progress:   Baby is shedding their downy covering of hair and vernix caseosa (waxy substance that has covered them for the past nine months)

Weight gain:   Still holding at 15 pounds

Stretch marks:  Still in the clear.  Morning is Burt's Bee's Mama Bee's and evening is Burt's Bee's vitamin E oil.

Sleep:  Still good!  I'm honestly shocked how well I'm sleeping.  One or two potty breaks at night, but otherwise nothing to complain about.  I even took a nap on Saturday and Sunday.

Gender: Check back in December!  

Movement:  Baby moves ALL DAY LONG.  When I get up at night I rarely feel them kick or squirm until morning.  Let's hope that means they are on a sleeping schedule like mine already ;)

Best moment this week: Girls night on Friday!  It was so fun to go shopping and then have an impromptu dinner with Kris.  I picked up a fun pair of holiday leggings to wear after baby arrives!

Looking forward to:  Spending the weekend prepping for Thanksgiving!  We are hosting again this year and I want to make sure everything is done WELL in advance so that I'm not rushed or stressed the day of :)

Food cravings:  Food aversion is back in full force.  The only thing that sounds good is salad or Thanksgiving fixings.

Belly Button - In or Out:  "Turkey timer" popped months ago.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  No

Wedding Rings - On or Off:   On

Labor signs:  Still irregular braxton hicks.  I did have one painful contraction on Sunday night, but I attribute it to dehydration, nothing more.  One bottle of water later and I felt great again.

What I miss:  Salami and cheese sandwiches.  Red wine while watching Christmas movies.

Symptoms: Irregular Braxton Hicks, increase in body temperature, dancing belly!

Workouts: Just walking.  I really need to do more of my stretches and light weights.  I feel so much better when I do.

Things that suck:  My ability to get in and out of bed without a step stool.  

Things that don't suck:  My body temperature has finally risen!  I'm usually perpetually cold.  Freezing fingers and toes, space heater all winter at work, layers and blankets in front of the fire place when it's 40 degrees outside.  Now?  The 20 degree weather feels heavenly and I comfortable with the work temperature.  Hallelujah for cold weather!  Couldn't have timed it better myself.  Haha.

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