Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday 5

J snapped a candid last week when I was getting ready for my bump photo.  Holy Moly that bump is getting big!
And yes, I did put the dress over leggings and boots.  There's a reason I crop the weekly photos! ;)

That photo up above?  All I can see is the horrible bathroom counter top, sink and back splash.  With the guest bath 95% done, I'm itching to start on ours.  Someone remind me of this insanity in two months when I have a newborn.

I confess that Christmas is going up this weekend.  I know, I KNOW!!  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and I HATE decorating before, but with BabyWigs due within two weeks of Thanksgiving, I don't want to risk it this year.  Please excuse the plethora of Christmas decor photos coming to an instagram near you.

The Sorel boots were purchased earlier this week.  With freezing temperatures, snow and ice, J wanted me to have reliable boots (especially since I have a baby on board).
Sorel Caribou Boots

I confess the last winter/utility boots I ever received was around 8th grade.  So I'm good with getting these babies a bit before Christmas ;)

My Black Friday shopping list has just about doubled in size.  I've started filling up my virtual shopping cart at Target with last minute baby items and home decor.  I can't wait to click buy!

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  1. Love the boots! Have a great weekend :)


  2. Visiting for the first time from the Friday link up. Look forward to coming back!

  3. Your bump is adorable! Even though I don't miss being pregnant, I kind of miss my bump. Have a great weekend, we will be putting our decorations up as well!