Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey! Confessional Friday

I received my first ever 'pay it forward' at Starbucks.  I've bought drinks for other patrons before, but never have I ever had one bought for me.  Not only did I pay it forward for the vehicle behind me, it lifted up my whole attitude all day.  I was already in a good mood and nothing could bring me down after that!  It's true what they say - happiness is contagious!

The weather is predicted to be 60 and rainy on Saturday.  I'm thinking that's perfect baking weather.......
This recipe is at the top of my list:

With all of this stalling in projects going on at the house, it's been hard to stay motivated and keep going.  So I contacted my bestie to start gearing up for the baby shower.  Nothing says motivation like inviting women over to your house in two months!  

I confess, I caved and used my PayPal gift card to buy lots of sale items from Bath and Body Works.  Even though we are headed on our babymoon with plans to do some major shopping for the house......

I confess I'm on a huge closet purge.  I stumbled across the Un-Fancy blog and her Capsule Wardrobe Planner.  I struggled for years to find my style and now that I've found it, I've struggled to get my closet to line up with what I like.  I figure now's the time to get rid of what I never really wear so when I'm shopping with a post-baby body I can fill in what I really need!

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  1. Have fun on the babymoon! Those pumpkin treats are screaming fall!!