Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Guest Bath Cabinetry

When we started our guest bath remodel we had planned to gut everything and start from scratch.  However...(in a remodel, there is ALWAYS a however)...our cabinets were a custom build.  We could not find any stock cabinets at Home Depot or Lowe's that would fit the space and accommodate two sinks.  The doors and drawer fronts of the custom cabinets were laminate and I was in the mindset the whole she-bang was laminate as well.  When Justin removed the cabinets to the garage and took all the drawers out and doors off, he was pleasantly surprised to find we could salvage the main cabinets!  Some good sanding and staining were all they needed - but we needed to find new doors and drawer fronts.  Since we are dealing with custom cabinets, we cannot use stock fronts.  Our cabinets are a bit shorter than standard, so the hunt was on!

And now - the photo dump:

After sanding
Hard at work
First coat.  So light!
Getting darker.  Still nervous they won't be dark enough.
Finally installing!!

Countertop is Belanger Laminate from Lowe's

First sink in.

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