Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Comedy of Errors

The remodeling process of our guest bathroom has taken months longer than we ever thought it would.  In comparison, our half bath was a two week project of evenings and weekends.

When we first started, we decided to donate most everything to the Resale Store.   However, that plan changed very quickly when J realized that the shower surround was going to have to be chopped up just to get it out of the house. That easy demo took twice as long.
delay item 1

Onto the new bathtub!  Turns out the original shower surround was smaller than a new standard tub.  So out came the hall closet and in went a new, smaller, linen closet in the bathroom.  That was extra supplies and time to frame and drywall it in.
delay item 2.
L - closet demo  R - new tub and footing put in

To save some of our time and to hopefully play catch up, we hired out the drywall taping, muding and texturing.  The one week estimate took almost three and we are still patching areas in the linen closet they missed.
delay item 3  

The tile for the floor was a cinch.  We used the same tile as our half bath and Justined grout instead of thin set on half of the floor tile by mistake.  Whoops!  So we decided to wait a few extra days before starting any other work to make sure the mistake wouldn't have any long term effects. (This really is a funny story.  He told me repeatedly that he needed to go buy grout.  He comes home with a HUGE bucket and the next evening he's asking me where he put his grout - it was right where he left it.  On the bathroom floor.  Justin realized he was saying grout but meant thinset.  I laughed.  He's cute ;) )
delay item 4

Thankfully we found out we could salvage our cabinets by sanding them down and staining them.  Score!  We have to purchase new door and drawer fronts, but in the grand scheme of things this is a blessing.

The toilet.  Oh, the toilet.  That was a fun day.  The night before our yard sale J realizes the new toilet is too big and we have to exchange it.  Fortunately, it's just a quick trip to Home Depot in the morning.  Unfortunately, I have to stay home to set up the yard sale and the toilet that we found on killer sale is cheaper than the one we end up exchanging it for.  I had to run inside at one point to help J tighten screws so water didn't end up in the bathroom.
delay item 5
New toilet that FITS!

Our counter top was easy for us to pick out, but when J when to pick it up when we were ready for it, Lowe's was out of stock.  After a few weeks of checking back, and then a few weeks more(!!),  still no product in the size we needed - but the longer length had come it!  We were thankful that Lowe's was willing to sell us the longer piece for the 6 ft price.
delay item 6

With a new counter top comes new sinks (and our yellow ones had long been donated).  Only silly us!  When picking out our new sink, we didn't even think to look at the faucets!  When we moved in, J put new faucets in the guest bath right away and we planned on keeping them with our new sinks.  However, since we picked out square sinks with three individual holes, our combined set wasn't going to work.  At 9 PM one evening we ran to Home Depot to find a new faucet so we could have a working sink when we had guests that weekend.
delay item 7
The new faucets.  Swoon worthy.  I want these sinks and faucets in our bath now too

In anticipation of our guest coming, we had planned on getting the shower tiled beforehand.  Irony of ironies, Home Depot was mysteriously out of the bull-nose pieces we needed.  Even the employee was confused because her system was saying they should have around 115 pieces in stock.  An order was placed to transfer from another store and we planned on having our guest use our bathroom to shower.  No big deal, right?  Until the tile doesn't come in!  When we check back, they have to REORDER the tile since the original order was cancelled.  7 day delay is now past two weeks.  delay item 8

But wait! There's more!!

Then we have our back splash.  Long story short - bad communication between employees at the store put us without back splash and now we have to go back and pick out new.  What's a few more weeks at this point?
delay item 9

And the biggest sideline of all?  Our beautiful mirror that will now need to be replaced.  I wanted to frame the mirror in with white trim, which seemed easy enough.  When we went to the store to buy our supplies, we talked to an employee about our plan to glue the mirror to the wall.  J showed him the adhesive he had and asked if it would work on mirrors.  The employee said 'Yup, will work great.'.  Whomp, whomp, whomp.  The glue is eating the back of the mirror and we are debating taking it down now, or waiting until after the bathroom is finished and baby has come to tackle it.  (I'm leaning towards taking it down next spring)
delay item 10

Thankfully J and I are just rolling with the punches.  We have two other bathrooms that are functioning just fine and we don't NEED this bathroom to work until middle of October.   We have plans to finish the shower tiling in the evenings and one weekend day.  Once the rest of the tile shows up we are hopeful it won't take long to finish.  I'm now expecting the worst to happen and we are getting a chuckle out of every mishap.  

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  1. The guest bathroom is turning out to be great! You guys did a really good job at it. Too bad that you had a few minor setbacks and some delays in your project, but I’m pretty sure you managed just fine. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd

  2. How is the guest bathroom coming along? I hope the delays did not set you guys too far back, and you were able to finish it soon after, or at least before October. Anyway, Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing & Heating