Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - Landscaping version

I have a confession to make.  Power tools and I are not the best of friends.  Then I was introduced to our electric hedger.....long story short, I have a new best friend.

Friday after work Justin pulled out the weed eater for me so I could start attacking the overgrown gardens.  Lovely lovely husband that he is, he was concerned the weed eater would vibrate too much and hurt me and the baby.  So after I attacked one small garden he offered me the option to trim the hedges.  I must admit, the hedger looked like a lot more fun.  In fact, it looked like SO MUCH FUN that I didn't take a single 'Before' Picture.  But I can assure you, it was a jungle out there.  Saturday morning I woke up at attacked our front yard.

Got to love iphone quality photos!
I cut back the short hedges under the flower boxes to the edge of the garden to make mowing easier, as well as trimmed all of the little trees to be the same height.  I like uniformity :)

The two bottom photos - in the beginning, the growth was so thick that you couldn't see the white fence and half of the bushes had grown over into the neighbors yard.  Photo one - I took a quick potty break while Justin raked out my demolition.  Photo two - all trimmed up.  Yes, I do know this isn't the BEST time of year to cut back our hedges.  With lava rock on it's way out, it was the best time for us to get some yard work done before we do more in the fall.

Sunday I nursed some sore arms/shoulders and spent the day inside baking and doing laundry.  I washed a few loads of baby clothes (!!!!) and started figuring out how I want to organize the baby's room.  I also tried a new recipe from Pinterest.

Banana Cake Recipe
It sounded simple and easy enough and I needed to use up the four small bananas that were past their prime.  When I opened the Pin on my phone, it said that I needed to choose my box flavor and modifications, but I could never find them on the mobile web version.  So I just did the basic recipe.  

One box Spice Cake mix
3 eggs
1/3 cup oil
4 small mashed bananas

So So Good!!  I love the spice flavor and it's just a little denser than regular banana bread.  It's already half gone :)

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