Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five

I confess I've been afraid to talk about it - as in I may Jinx myself - but being pregnant has been awesome.  I was just telling someone that it's been a 'piece of cake'.  No crazy cravings, hormone swings, pains, etc.  I'm loving every minute.

Babymoon is BOOKED!  I cannot wait for all of the restaurants.  Food is more important than shopping these days.  Haha!

I confess that I should have had my hair done at the end of July.  But I'm trying to squeeze another month out of my roots/highlights so I'm not trying to figure out how to learn life with a newborn and worry about my hair.

A "cold" front has rolled through!  Temps in the high 70's feels like fall compared to the high 90's.  And I'm loving it :)  Time for leggings and boots! (almost)

Hello bump!

Justin and I are in childbirth classes now.  We really should be going in November at the next session, but there is no way this preggo mama is missing football.  We just reached the cutoff for this current session and only one couple is due after us.  When I told Justin last night that I signed us up early so we could enjoy football season to the fullest, he busted up laughing.  Priorities people!

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