Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Thanks to my wild hair and posting lava rock free online a few weeks ago, we ended up doing yard work again all weekend.  We did have plans to go boating with friends on Saturday, but the temperatures were nice and cool (70's are cool when you are used to 90's) on Saturday so we stayed home.

We've had three different groups come out to haul our lava rock away.  The first group targeted one teeny tiny section in the back yard.  The second group took the top layer off most of the back yard gardens and a few of the front.  The third group?  They cleaned us out!!

Empty of lava rock!!

After the first two groups came and went, we thought that we could just leave the gardens as is this fall and redo the borders and mulch next spring.  But after the last group came through?  Now we have to get down to business.  Justin started on the front corner garden bed this weekend while I finished some hedging and weeding in back yard.

Back fence - before and mostly after

Back tree was so overgrown!
Along our back fence we plan to plant some evergreen trees to provide us with more privacy.  This week we'll dig up the remainder of the grasses and let the lava rock group come back over the weekend to clean that garden out.  Also our back tree was so overgrown, the back gardens around it are too, but we plan to transplant some of the lily's to a different area and fill the fence with a nice hedge.

Justin was a beast this weekend.  I'm so impressed with how hard he works. Saturday he chainsawed under the evergreen to 1. clean out for the lava rock group and 2. match our big evergreen.  Then he hauled it off to the dump and went to Home Depot to pick up our new border for the side garden.  Sunday he dug a new trench, pulled up all of the old brick, dug up the plants and started putting the border down.  Sunday, I took a two hour nap :)  

The hardest part of being pregnant is my inability to work as hard as I used too.  I get worn down quicker and need a longer time to recoup.  Justin has been amazing and makes sure that I am drinking plenty of water and taking lots of breaks.  I felt so awesome on Saturday that I just kept 'go-go-going' and then paid for it on Sunday.

All in all it was a productive weekend.  And we have a few more to go.....

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