Monday, February 23, 2015

It's Over!

Maternity leave that is :(  I have an AWESOME job and coordinated my first week back at part time.  Technically I'm not due back until Wednesday, but I thought easing myself back into work would hurt less.  And my co-workers are happy to have me back a few days early :)

I am beyond grateful that my mom is here to help us with the transition as well.  This week she's our 'daycare' while we figure out our new routine.  Next week we'll take our lil man to his babysitter in the mornings and Grandma will watch him in the afternoon.  I am going to CRY the first time he heads off to the sitters.  Leaving him with mom is so much easier!  Now I just need to convince her to stay.......

He's my favorite person.
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