Friday, May 31, 2019

Weekend Recap(s)

The last week of May is flying by and I'm in denial.
#biggywigs is 1 (I'm still in shock over this) and summer is looming.
Though, in the Rocky Mountains, summer may not show up until July.  Maybe August, if at all.  We may just go straight into Fire/Smoke season.  I'll enjoy the 70's for as long as possible.

#biggywigs birthday party was the 18th.  My parents and nephew made the LONG trip north to celebrate our special little boy.
Cousins and Grandpa playing

The theme was Teddy Bear Picnic.  The weather had other plans.  Rainy and 50.  Yuck.
1st birthday parties are the only party where family and friends are invited.  Otherwise we have a small party with friends and dinner with family.  That meant our house was packed full, noisy, and full of love for our little one.

Thankfully the rain had let up for a bit so the kids could run around the yard.  Unfortunately some of the big kids kept opening the gate to run around the front yard......not easily seen by parents or passing cars.  So I bumped up cake/cupcakes ASAP to get everyone inside.

No surprise that the cupcake was devoured.  DEVOURED.

The next morning my parents and nephew headed home from their quick trip north.  I finished cleaning the house and we spent the day at home, listening to the rain, and making plans for our annual Glacier trip over Memorial Day Weekend.

I love being in the Flathead Valley in the Spring.  The rivers and lakes are as full as they'll be all year.  You can see waterfalls on every mountain and everything is so green.

This year is rained most of the time we were there, which is my favorite kind of weather.  With two small kids, we only went into the park on Sunday to hike/walk Trail of the Cedars.  I'm hoping we can do Avalanche Lake next year.  #wiggydiggy needs to be a little better at listening before we head that deep into Bear County.

I also only took one photo.  We all slept in one BIG bed.
Even though we had a pack n play for #biggywigs, he wouldn't sleep unless he was next to us!

Unplugging was the best vacation.

Now.....Welcome June!!

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