Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Life Lately

First up - this boy.

Oh my gosh, I can't even begin to describe how PROUD I am of him!  He's just making my heart burst at the seams.

Saturday morning I took him to a play date with his best pal at a local park.  While they were running around and having the best time, they would occasional pause to run up to the moms and ask "Can we have a sleepover?"  Then run off before we could answer!  haha.

We discussed it, and that night worked out perfectly.  #wiggydiggy had his first sleepover at a friends house!  (It should be noted that this friend has two older brothers that they adore, so they were spoiled rotten with fun)

I'll admit, I was so worried that he wasn't ready.  That maybe his behavior would be less than stellar or even to the point of not being invited back.  Parenting is such a mine field.  Should I have worried about that?  Maybe not all of it.  I want to make sure that I'm instilling the behaviors and manners into my son that will help him navigate life confidently.

This first sleepover was a success.
I cried.  Tears of gratitude, tears of relief, and tears of sadness that my baby is growing up.

Then there's this mischievous munchkin.

Oh my lord, is this child keeping me on my toes!  He is so FUNNY.  and very very mischievous.

It really is amazing how two children can be so different.
While they both love to destroy my kitchen, #biggywigs sticks to pulling everything out and then scurrying away.  #wiggydiggy was content to sit and play with the destruction he made.  haha.

He is also thisclose to walking!!  The most he's walked has been 5 steps, but he tries All.Day.Long. to walk everywhere.  I can't wait!

We've had gorgeous weekends, followed by rainy and cool weekends.  On the days we can sit outside and soak up some warmth, we are glued to our patio.

We still have some yard work to do, but it has come such a long way in 6 years.

I'm also excited that I'm back into working out regularly! 
I took a break from my favorite studio (Core Connections, LLC here in Helena) until I had my lunch breaks back.
#biggywigs stopped his lunch time nursing Mother's Day weekend, so I took a week off (just in case I needed to go in) and then started Pilates again!  My goal is three days a week right now.  Once I'm used to it again, I'll try and go daily if I can make a class.

Proving to my husband I'm at class.  haha.

Side note - any good suggestions for shorts to wear to class?  I love my 7/8 length workout pants, but with summer coming they may be too hot.   And yes, we do use the reformer board, so I need shorts that aren't loose (i.e. you can't accidentally see up them.)
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