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#biggywigs - 10 Months

#biggywigs | 10 MONTHS

nicknames | monkey, love monkey, a play on your name, nugget

weight | 
Close to 25 pounds and just over 30 inches.  I'm taking you in for a height/weight check on Monday, so we'll get updated numbers then.

size |  size 5 and 6 diapers.  My Amazon order brought me size 6's, so you are wearing 5's at school and at night.  Only in size 6 at home :)  Both fit fine.  Clothing wise, your thighs have slimmed some so you can fit into some 18 month pants again!  18-24 month clothes.  24 month footed pajamas.

sleep | HA.HA.HA.  Still sleep training.  We did GREAT for one whole week.  Then....flu.  Back to sleep training this week!  We are also night weaning.  Please pray for us.  You go down easily between 6 and 7 PM.  You're crying/waking at least twice a night right now and Dad is rocking you back to sleep.  The goal is to get you to sleep 7 PM to 7 AM by the time you turn 11 months old.
I take full responsibility for not working on your sleep earlier.  I liked nursing you every time you fussed at night because I know you're the last baby I'll ever nurse.  Unfortunately it taught you a bad habit of waking every sleep cycle and crying for the boob.  Whoops.

eats | 
Everything.  Since we starting night weaning you're only nursing 4 times a day - when you wake up (6-7AM), lunch (11AM), before bed (6-7PM) and a nightcap around 9/930PM.  I'm also pumping again in the early afternoon.  I have a work trip in April and I donated all of our milk supply a few months ago.

I'm making one final batch of homemade puree's this weekend.  You LOVE regular food and eat pretty much everything we put on your plate.  You prefer to eat off a fork or spoon vs your hands.  The only food we haven't given you are citrus fruits (and obviously honey and cow's milk) and shellfish.  Otherwise, it's all fair game.

loves |  
Food, nursing, clapping, crawling everywhere, puzzles, your jellyfish toy, and your big brother.

dislikes | 
waiting for food, dirty diapers, being overtired

firsts |  Tooth number 8 has broken through.  Fun times. You pull yourself up standing (scared the crap out of me one Sunday morning when I went it to get you up.  Crib mattress was lowered that day!)  You crawl forward VERY quickly and love to chase after your brother.  You're moving up to the Mobile Infant room at school!  You LOVE being in there.  It's so much fun visiting you at lunch.

Momma |  You are such a snuggle monkey.  You love to cuddle, touch, and grab us all the time.  You babble all the time now and I love to listen to you talk.  You light up when I walk into the room and you love to crawl to my feet and tug on my pants so I'll pick you up.  You have the very best smell and I wish I could bottle it up to keep for forever.  You are so patient with your rough and tumble big brother.  You adore him and just give him your very best laughs all the time.  

I love you so much Monkey.

Daddy | You are 10 months old now and wow how the last 10 months have flown by.  I love you more and more each day. I love coming home and seeing in your high chair eating dinner and immediately light up with a big smile when you see me.  I love how happy you get when I show you the bird house at school and how you motor around the house “chasing” your big brother and want to take and play with whatever he has.  You are getting so big, when I rock you at night you take up my whole lap and your feet touch the side arm rest and your head is on the opposite arm rest.   We are sleep training you right now, which you are not a fan of to say the least, you definitely have a louder, stronger cry than your brother, that much is for certain.  But you are such a sweet boy with an absolutely wonderful demeanor.  I can’t wait to see what another month brings.  I love you

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