Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Oh Hi There

September was busy.

So VERY VERY busy.

I was traveling every week (this week as well!) and while I took copious photos, I just didn't have time to sit and write.  So many amazing and fun things happened this month.  #Biggywigs finally met his GG (my grandma) in Dallas.  He was the only one who hadn't met her yet and I wanted him to get some special time with my aunts as well.   Both boys started their fall classes.  #wiggydiggy moved up to his last Pre-School class and #biggywigs started his Pre-School 2's.

I drove all over this gorgeous state for work.  Thankfully I got most of my travel done before we were hit by a blizzard on September 28th/29th.  That's right, Montana was blanketed in snow.  The weather is already warming up some so I expect all of the snow will be gone by October 5th.

We played, we went on adventures, and we (meaning me) made some fun memories.

Now the photo dump.

first plane ride

Great Aunt Pat

Great Aunt Cindy

Great Aunt Fran

With GG!

My mom, her sisters and GG

4 Generations

'Washing' Dishes

15 month shots.  Boo.

Mexican night before School starts

Someone LOVES chips....

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