Thursday, November 15, 2018

#biggywigs - 6 Months

#biggywigs | 6 MONTHS

nicknames | Monkey, Chunky Monkey, Love Monkey, Baby

weight | 
 23 pounds (!!!!) and 27 1/2 inches long.

size | Size 4 diapers all the way.  You are STILL in 18 month clothes.  Hallelujah!  This is the longest stretch where you stayed in the same size.  I can tell you are thinning out/lengthening, because your arms and legs don't need to be rolled up as much anymore.  And your belly isn't quite as round.  I have a feeling you'll be in 24 month clothes after the New Year.  

sleep |  Oh buddy.  This month started out great.  Then you got your first cold while teething.  Woof.  This past week you would wake every two hours due to congestion or teeth pain.  I’ll be so glad to have this behind us! 

eats | Right after you turned 5 months old I made some puree’s.  You started with yams.  Next up was carrots and then squash.  You love squash!  You still aren’t a big fan of spoons, so I’m not really pushing it.  You love to nurse and still 100% breastmilk.

loves | Your jumperoo and exersaucer.  Your favorite toys are your Octopus rattle and snail.  You love to sit up and watch your brother (he’s your favorite).

dislikes | Waiting to eat.  Being overtired and tummy time.  I, of course, make you do tummy time at least three times a day.  I’m hoping your frustration will encourage you to crawl sooner rather than later! 

firsts |  Halloween!  First overnight trip to Missoula (I think it was your first hotel stay?) first cold and first teeth!  Those two bottoms one are so dang cute.  Now those two top teeth better get in ASAP.

Momma | Happy Half Birthday!!  Time is just flying by and I can't wait to experience your first Christmas with you :)   You are so happy and so snuggly and so Loud!  You really can keep up with #wiggydiggy in the noise department ;)   I love you so much Monkey.  

Daddy | You are such a happy little boy who loves his big brother.  Every time you see him your face lights up.  You are starting to come around to daddy.  When I see you, you light up and you make my heart so happy.  I love snuggling with you and giving you Ugga Mugga nose kisses.  I love your laugh.  Currently your little teeth are starting to pop through your gums which is painful I know so you aren’t feeling great or sleeping great and you have a little cough, but I think its due to the teething, but this will pass and soon you will be back to your happy self.  Your mom and I and brother love you so much.  Your brother loves climbing up in the bed every morning or really any chance he can to snuggle with you and kiss your head.  You are growing so fast and you have started eating real food.  Where did the time go.  I love you so much son!

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