Monday, June 6, 2016

Coat Closet - A (not so) Quick Flip

Once we decided to start changing the house from Brown to White, I've been anxious to change out our coat closet.

In my mind I could see the white french doors standing bright against our dark dining room table.  However, there were a few (very well meaning) individuals who thought my desire for french doors was *not* a good fit for the space.  I cannot tell you how many times someone tried to talk me into bi-fold doors or sliding closet doors.

But what Mama wants, Mama gets.
And J wanted what would make me happy.  *Swoon*

Turns out, my vision was pretty dang awesome!

Though, in typical WigDiggity fashion, we ran into a snag.  When we ordered the doors, we were not anticipating a two week wait.  No big deal, we could live with the space being open for two weeks.  PIECE OF CAKE.   Haha.  The doors arrived with a manufacturing defect (primer was bubbling off the door) and Home Depot recommended that we wait for a new set to arrive.

Demo took 5 minutes

Well, dang.  We planned on having the doors done before #wiggydiggy's birthday party.  Now the new doors wouldn't be in until the following week.  Darn it.

Like the snowflakes over the closet?  Haha

When the finished product arrived we set up a painting station in the family room and I got down to business.  The next night they were hung and J put the knobs on in record time.

Finished Product looking mighty fine!
Even better than I imagined.

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  1. I love those!!! I agree, they totally pop against the dark dining room furniture. Great choice!

    1. Thanks! I love, love, love your new kitchen. The white looks so good! (then again, I want white everywhere, so I may be partial.) I'm so excited for you and all of your new changes.