Friday, July 26, 2019

Five on Friday - How I live out of a Carry-On

I've discussed it before, but traveling often for work have made me very adept at packing smart, not hard.

Separate Travel Toiletries

I headed to TJ Maxx a few years ago and bought some back-up supplies and a bag (similar) to hold them in.
My carry on has its own brush, shower cap, personal pillow case, night mask, and travel hair dryer.

I have another bag (I really love bags in bags....if you can't tell) that I put my products in.  I buy two of everything so I'm never unpacking when I get home.
Think - dry shampoo, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, face lotion, contact case and solution.  All I have to do is toss in my make-up bag and curling wand , and I'm good to go.
(again with the bags in bags!)

For air travel, I make sure I can purchase specific items at a local CVS/Target/Ulta etc at my destination.  (Travel size dry shampoo, contact solution, etc)  It saves space in my liquid bag and I normally use them up before coming home, so I don't have to pack them again!


I finally bought into the hype and I regret not doing it sooner.

I packed for 6 days in Chicago in a carry-on.  Including workout clothes, an extra outfit and school materials.
I STILL had room.
So I went shopping and filled it up! hahaha

For regular travel I have a bag specifically for workout clothes, another for pajamas/intimates, and the third for all other clothes.  Then I throw in an empty bag for dirty clothes.  It's easy to pull one bag out, wash everything up and repack my carry-on.

Travel Purse

Once again, TJMaxx for the win!
I found their Jet Set Travel Tote on clearance (the camel color) the same day I caved on packing cubes.  I couldn't believe the price and grabbed it before anyone else did.  I love that it's structured and easy to clean!  My old MK has seen better days (the handles are shredding) so I was in need of an upgrade.  It's large enough for my laptop and tablet and easy to carry.


Once again, bags in bags!  haha.

My cord bag has a phone charger, Anker charger, tablet charger, and wall adapter.  My watch charger is the only one that I have to take out when I get home.  I should look at getting a second watch charger...

I also have a 3 outlet extension cord and a USB Charging Station.  <-- bed.="" close="" desk="" don="" enough="" have="" here="" hotels="" is="" just="" mvp.="" nbsp="" ones="" or="" outlets="" p="" real="" right="" some="" t="" the="" this="" to="">

A Personal Uniform

I stick to a uniform when I travel for work.  It makes it easy to coordinate my outfits and plan for re-wears.

I'm either in business dress in a conference center, or in my jeans in the field.  Either way, the fewer items I have to pack, the better.

What are your travel must haves?

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