Monday, August 26, 2019

The last few weeks

It's been a few busy weeks!

#wiggydiggy is riding without training wheels!  We  took him in to get a bike that actually fits him a few weeks ago.  His hand-me-down bike from his cousin was too big and too heavy for him to control.
This boy took off on his new bike before Dad could even put the training wheels away!  So proud of him.

He also attended a tennis camp last week and LOVED IT.  So excited to take regular classes this fall.

He had swim lessons this month as well.  A great report card too!  We are going to have him repeat the class one more time before moving up.  He's the youngest in his class so I think a little more practice won't hurt.

A lost photo from the North Hills Fire.  Thankfully no structures were lost.

We finally put their sandbox out!  The boys have a blast playing back there.  Only took us three months (face palm)

The rubber tiles help #biggywigs keep his balance on the rocks.
Now we just need to rip out that AstroTurf and put down some pretty tile.....maybe next spring.

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