Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#wiggydiggy - 3 Months

#wiggydiggy | 3 MONTHS

nicknames | kid, baby, lil man

weight |
13 lbs 4 oz (give or take an oz)  and just under 25 inches.  As of 3/1/15.

size |  size 2 diapers and 6 month (with the occasional 9 month) onesies and footed pajamas.  It's hit and miss on the brands that fit.

sleep | 
Still a great sleeper.  Around 11 weeks I started you on your schedule for daycare to get us used to it.  You DID NOT like being woken up at 7 AM.   It took a few days but waking up early has lead to an earlier bedtime.  Bonus (!!!) you still sleep through most of the night!!  You fuss around 3:30 to nurse and then you go back down.  And with this new night schedule I've started to see your naps turning from 'lots of cat naps' to 'a few long naps'

eats | 
Still a great eater.  However, if you have a bottle, it has to be very warm otherwise you won't eat it.  100% breast milk fed baby and you wouldn't want it any other way.  You finally have a set schedule:

Nurse at 3:30AM and then I wake you to nurse at 6:50
Bottle at 9:30
Nurse at noon
Bottle at 2:30
Nurse at 5 and then again at bedtime (around 7:30/8)

loves |  
Your hands (especially in your mouth), the ceiling fan, your blanket to sleep, and being held upright.

dislikes | 
change in your schedule, bubbles in your tummy and realizing momma's gone

firsts |  Having momma at work!  Having Grandma watch you and first day at your sitter's (this one squeaked in on the very last day).  First laugh.

Momma |  I soaked up as much time with you this month as I could.  I headed back to work at 12 weeks and it was ROUGH being away from you for just 4 hours.  At 13 weeks I move back to full time.  Thankfully I'll visit you at lunch to nurse so it won't feel so long.  Learning to pump in the work environment hasn't been as hard as I thought, but it does take a bit longer to set up and get going than I'd like.  Still not feeling sleep deprived (thank you baby, you are the best) which makes going to work easier.

Daddy | Daddy is responsible for drop off in the morning and I think he really enjoys some one on one time with you then.  He love taking naps with you on the couch and he's the best at getting you to "talk".  Daddy's favorite activity is to make you smile and giggle.  We're both ready for some more 'big kid' laughs though!

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