Monday, July 6, 2015

Answer Me This?

1. How did you celebrate the 4th of July? (Or, for you international types . . . Do anything fun this weekend?)
The 4th really isn't my favorite holiday to celebrate.  Living so far north, it doesn't get dark until 930/10ish and I'm exhausted by 830.  Every year it has pretty much been a bust as far as celebrating goes, but I enjoy watching other set fireworks off :)

2. Do you sunburn easily?
Oh yeah.  SO VERY EASY.  I reapply sunscreen every 30-45 minutes and still end up with some pink tint. Being Super Duper white does have its perks though :) 

For example - sunscreen matches my skin tone.  If I don't blend it in well, you can't tell!
(or if the bottle explodes, you can't really tell either.)

3. Hot dogs. Yay or nay?
 This used to be a big YAY until I became pregnant last year.  Now I loathe them.  Give me a burger any day of the week.

4. Have you ever personally set off fireworks?
Yes.  Not a big deal to me.  No real desire to do it this year.

5. Have you ever jumped off the high dive?
 Jumped, dived, cannon-balled, flipped, etc.  You name it, I tried it.  Swimming and me are buds :)

6. Do you do anything weird in your sleep?

 Haha!  A few things!!  I raise one arm up in the air and run my fingertips up and down the inside of my arm.  I also 'mumble' to J when he's awake.

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