Monday, July 6, 2015

#wiggydiggy - 7 Months

#wiggydiggy  | 7 MONTHS

nicknames | bug, lil man, buggy

weight | 
 16 lbs 9 oz and 27" tall!
(For some reason you lost weight?  You're eating SO much these days!  However, you can jump and roll for hours....) 

size | Size 3 diapers all the way.  9 month with a few 12 month thrown in.  

sleep |  You are sleeping through the night *most* of the time!!  Occasionally you'll wake once to nurse in the middle of the night, or you'll wake early (5 AM ish) to nurse and then it's right back to sleep.  I've noticed you are taking fewer cat naps during the day are are settling in around 3 solid naps.

eats | You took a few weeks to warm up to a spoon, but now you are loving your puree's!  I still let you 'feed' yourself at dinner time.  Right now we are still on single food puree's, but once you've eaten up the freezer stash, I'll start making blends for you to try!

loves | Your jumperoo, as always :)  You love talking and sitting up to play.  You are so laid-back!!

dislikes | Being over-tired and waiting to eat.  

firsts |  TEETH!!  You cut your first tooth the 13th and one week later on the 20th, you cut your second tooth.  You were 'crankier' than normal on those days, but all in all, you never seemed to be in horrible pain.  You went on your first boat ride and went to the pool for the first time too!

Momma | Some days I would think that the next developmental milestone was AGES away and nothing new would happen for a while.  Next thing I know you hit a ton of them in just a few days!  You sit almost as well as I do, you are babbling up a storm (mamama, bababa, ggrrrr sounds), sleeping through the night and GROWING!  You LOVE going to daycare and playing with Ms. Jamie.  She's the only reason you go to daycare ;).  She loves you just as much as your Daddy and I do.  

I love that you recognize me and are a Mama's boy.  I know it's just a phase, but I'm treasuring all of your snuggles, tight hugs, and big kisses.  You are my light, my joy, my heart.

Daddy | You are 7 months old!  Wow how the time has flown!  You are working so hard trying to crawl and are getting so close.  You can sit up on your own and love to roll around on the ground and on mom and dad’s bed.  You have two beautiful little teeth poking up through your gums and I know you didn’t like those coming in, but you handled it like a champ.  You are really interacting with mom and dad and talking up a storm.  You still love bouncing your butt off in your jumperoo.  I love getting to take you to daycare each morning and give you a kiss goodbye and love coming home from the office to your smiling face.  I love you so much son!

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  1. Such an adorable little guy! What do you use to purée his solid food. We got a Beaba BabyCook Pro at one of our seems legit, but I fear that I'm still capable of making it more complex than it should be!

    1. I just use my steamer, food processor and ice cube trays from the dollar store. I started small - 1 vegetable or fruit at a time. Now I'm mixing them together (apples and pears are his favorite).